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Almodo flooring is currently available at great introductory prices, that you won’t want to ignore.  Boasting a great selection of designs, excellent quality, comparable with other premium brands, Almodo gives you the best of all worlds, at very competitive prices. The wait is over, if you are looking for a great product that won’t break the bank then contact us to discuss the flooring you didn’t think existed.

What’s great about Almodo, is you won’t find yourself overwhelmed with hundred of options and combinations, it’s simple and concise and easy to find, just the look you’ve been hunting for.  Take a look at the Almodo range.

For free help and advice, or to find out today’s special prices simply call us on 01625 876 387 or contact us here – and don’t worry, we’re flooring professionals , not salesmen!If you’d like some samples just let us know what you’d like us to send you here.

Though Almodo is not the most recognised luxury vinyl flooring brand on the market, its comparable quality, and lower price point, make this a great option, when considering your new flooring selection.

Luxury vinyl flooring offers you several benefits over wood or stone floors. It is a practical solution over natural products, like being easier to maintain and in some cases more resilient, it resistant to moisture and is also resistant to stains and some scratching, as well as being engineered to be tough and hard wearing. And of course, it comes with a “lifetime” guarantee.

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