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Amtico International manufacture probably the finest flooring in the world and better still, it’s made here in the UK. We are Proud and Delighted to be a long standing Authorised Amtico retailer, we welcome your  call to discuss the flooring of your dreams.

Why is Amtico Telephone or Shop  order only ?

Many Amtico products have very specific requirements for both preparation and installation which could potentially effect your Amtico Warranty if not followed correctly.
As a long standing Amtico Authorised dealership it’s Amtico’s wish that you speak with one of our trained professionals before placing an order where we can give you any advice and support you may require.  Call us today on 01625 876387 for friendly professional advice and of course a great price !

With a bewildering choice of colours, patterns, styles, strips, and accessories it can be difficult to know exactly which Amtico products you need or should choose – but don’t worry, we are here to help you!

We won’t only give you our best possible price on your Amtico flooring. Our Amtico specialists will also give you free help and advice on which products you need, which will work best for your needs, and will also help you with any technical questions you have.

For free help and advice, or to find out today’s special prices simply call us on 01625 876387 and don’t worry, we are flooring professionals, not salesmen – not a penny of commission is paid to any member of our staff. So you can rest assured you will be given totally impartial and honest advice.  We do not profess to be the biggest, we do not profess to be the cheapest. But we can promise you expertise and service we believe to be second to none.

If you are able to, please feel free to call into one of our showrooms. There we can show you through the entire Amtico portfolio of products and give you expert advice and a warm welcome from our staff who are fully trained by Amtico. A free coffee is always available too !

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If you prefer you can learn all about Amtico below. You can browse all of the colours and ranges by downloading any of the official Amtico brochures. You can also download our own Free Amtico guide below.


Amtico Signature luxury vinyl tiles


Amtico Click Smart luxury vinyl tiles

Amtico Spacia luxury vinyl tiles


Discover all the Amtico Signature products, including all of the current design floors for that perfect unique look with a lifetime warranty ! 

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Click is our new flooring range for DIY fans. Easy to install with its own built in underlay without adhesive.

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Discover all the Amtico Spacia products, including design floors for that perfect wood , stone or abstract design flooring at a fantastic price. 

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Amtico Form luxury vinyl tiles


Amtico Care luxury vinyl tiles


Amtico Spacia Parguet luxury vinyl tiles


Explore the new Amtico Form brochure, an inspirational new range for the season’s trends and cutting edge designs including planks and parquet.

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The Amtico wear and tear leaflet explaining how to get the most out of your new floor and maximise the longevity of Amtico products.

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Discover  all the Amtico Spacia Parquet products that will give you the perfect floors you always dreamed of. Combine planks and parquet for a timeless look.

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Amtico flooring reference guide - free download pdf by FloorbayAmtico is recognised as probably the best luxury vinyl flooring brand in the world. It boasts a such huge selection of styles and ranges that without doubt you will always be able to select your dream floor.

As a major stockist and supplier of Amtico flooring products, we have the choice and the ranges to fit your interior, design, and unique style. You can choose from the soft warm and enticing hues and shades of wood, or the cool minimalist look and feel of the stone ranges, through to the more modern and chic styles of Amtico’s vast selection of contemporary abstract designs and patterns.

Amtico use a proprietary unique methodology of manufacture to create flooring that is aesthetic and practical.

To create an authentic looking natural finish, Amtico produce the subtle shades, grains and texture of a large range of different woods and natural stone. From Aged Oak to Fossil Limestone, each design accurately replicates the look and beauty of the natural counterparts they mimic. The tiles so closely resemble the actual material they represent that you would need to get on your hands and knees to be able to tell that Amtico flooring is a luxury vinyl tile rather than the real thing.

If you want to make a bolder statement in your home then Amtico are the company for you. They have gone to a great deal of effort to produce a fantastic selection of modernist, contemporary abstract designs that will blow you away.

You have the choice of subtle shimmer effects and metal inspired glints, and the contrast of bright and vibrant colours through to dark and dramatic “exotic” patterns, this abstract range has something for every modern design taste and influence.

Luxury vinyl offers you several benefits over wood or stone floors. It is a practical solution over natural products as it easier to maintain and in some cases more resilient. Resistant to moisture, stains and scratching, the flooring is undoubtedly durable. As well as being engineered to be tough and hard wearing, and of course it comes with a “lifetime” guarantee.

At Floorbay we stock and can supply you with the Amtico Signature and Amtico Spacia collections. By stocking all of the wood, stone and abstract designs we ensure we have exactly what you need. We consider what will suit your home, design, and most importantly your budget. Furthermore, if you want to install your own flooring then we also have the easy-to-install Amtico Click collection.

Amtico really does give you the choice and the product to form the foundation for stunning floors, whatever your taste, style, or interior design.

Amtico Signature Woods

Amtico Chalked PineIf you want the look of a craftsman designed and laid floor then the Amtico Signature range gives you all of the gentle shades, grain patterns and textures of practically any type of wood that you can imagine or think of from anywhere in the world.

From Chateau Oak and Shibori Lapsang to Brazilian Rosewood or American Cherry, the Amtico Signature wood selection gives you a range of colours that Mother Nature would struggle to beat. As you’d expect the wood patterns recreate all of the natural swirls, lines and natural hues that you’ll find in the actual wood itself with each design perfectly replicating the natural beauty of their counterpart.

If you’d prefer a gentle clean finish to your floor then the neutral wood range is understated, unassuming, and authentic looking. The light toned chalked and lime washed styles will subtly compliment any room.

If you’d prefer a more radiant glow then the golden and warm wood designs give you a welcoming and intimate warmth. Whether you’d prefer a more rustic charm or a look that has more in common with modern simplicity, the wood designs on offer will provide a solution.

For a richer tone the deep warm wood selection almost smoulders with its sensual red tones. To command a room, the dark woods will always make a strong statement, whilst the design woods complete a contemporary space perfectly.

With endless unique combinations of laying patterns, motifs and borders, you can use the Amtico Signature wood collection to create an organic natural finish with your own personal design statement. Conjure up wild walnut laid in herringbone, or the spalted beech with a basketweave pattern.

With your imagination and one of our Amtico recommended fitters, you are just a colour palette and pattern choice away from a beautiful wooden floor.

Amtico Signature Stones

Amtico Varnished OakIf you’d prefer a striking but simple floor, then the Amtico Signature collection gives you the natural and organic look of stone combined with its beautifully blended earthy colours.

From Riverstone Quarry and Fossil Limestone to Travertine Ivory and Graphite Slate, the Amtico Signature stone range will give you an amazing look even in a minimalist space.

The cool palette of the neutral light stone patterns gives you tranquility in any room, while the more solid colours of the neutral dark stone range make a bold but simple statement. Amtico’s cool light stone patterns are understated and effortlessly chic.

By comparison the Amtico cool dark stones give you deeper tones which are bold and uncomplicated. If you want to convey warmth, the warm light stone range is gently welcoming, with the rich warm dark stones allowing you to create a luxurious depth to your floor.

With a broad selection of widths, lengths and textures available you can combine differing sizes to produce distinctive designs or add your own decorative feature to your floor for example you could incorporate your own motif, or border a simple floor design with a distinctive pattern like linear stripes, or if you prefer something bolder then you can opt for an Art Deco look – the only limit is your own imagination.

With the Amtico Signature Stone collection, flooring has never been so easy or designer friendly. With your imagination and one of our Amtico recommended fitters, you are just a colour palette and pattern choice away from a beautiful unique floor.

Amtico Signature Abstract

If you want to give an ordinary space an extraordinary finish, then the Amtico Signature abstract collection gives you cutting-edge designs to elevate any floor into something truly special.

You can choose from soft diffused lines through to sharp banded finishes, the striped Fusion designs give you a range of tones whether you prefer light and bright or dark and dramatic.

The Odyssey range subtly shimmers with metal-like textures adding a gentle touch of soft glamour to minimalist rooms.

The Element designs have a celestial, atmospheric feel whilst the Quantum options are more of this earth, engineered with precision detailing for a crisp cool finish. The Spectrum range has a vibrant colour scheme which is bright and perhaps even loud enough to command any room.

With a choice of different laying patterns and the option of decorative features, these abstract designs can be transformed into something to fit your own vision. A bespoke motif can create a beautiful focal point, dressing a room with your imagination. A border can transform your floor into a framed piece of artwork.

A mix of shimmery and matt designs in a key weave laying pattern will give you a glamorous boutique feel, whilst multi-coloured mixing in a herringbone pleat will create the perfect partner to neutral pieces of furniture.

With your imagination and one of our Amtico recommended fitters, you are just a colour palette and pattern choice away from a beautiful abstract floor.

Amtico Logo

Amtico Spacia

Amtico Spacia Woods

Amtico Varnished OakAs a leading supplier of the Amtico Spacia collection, Floorbay have a selection of wood patterned flooring to fit every interior scheme, from the rustic to the contemporary, from old world charm to ultra modern chic.

The Amtico Spacia wood range gives you an organic feel, the perfect compliment to traditional or modern interiors. Full of natural swirls, subtle lines and soft hues, each design has an authentic finish that perfectly replicates the natural wood that it represents.

The worn, white and pale ash and maple woods are beautifully bright and airy. With their weathered look and linear grains, these light tones will bring the outdoors in. In contrast the deep rich browns of the walnut, teak and hickory designs will elevate any interior into something truly elegant.

A more practical alternative than any natural product, Amtico Spacia wood flooring has a host of built-in advantages. Boasting moisture, stain and scratch resistance, engineered toughness and guarantee-backed durability, the Spacia range combines stunning aesthetics with outstanding performance.

You can even enhance the design of your flooring with the Amtico Spacia feature stripping. By adding contrasting colour strips, you can transform the overall finish of your floor with a beautiful bespoke design.

Amtico Spacia wood flooring allows you to create a unique and stunning space in any room.

Amtico Spacia Xtra

The Spacia Xtra range is a selection of Amtico Spacia woods and abstract designs engineered in extra wide planks to provide greater visual impact.

The designers at Amtico identified a real niche in interior design for Xtra scale flooring. The larger planks in the abstract designs create a more seamless finish in modern open plan spaces, whilst the larger wood designs mimic the size of natural wooden boards, adding even more realism.

For a contemporary open space, the abstract softline options are ideal. For a dark dramatic look, the softline charcoal will always command a room, or for a quieter statement, the softline pebble tone is perfect. For something in between, the softline coco or softline ink choices will compliment any modern scheme.

Alternatively, for an authentic natural floor, Amtico Spacia Xtra offers all the subtle shades, grains and textures of several different types of wood. From bleached elm to black walnut, smoked cedar to warm maple, each perfectly replicate the beauty of their natural counterpart.

A more practical alternative than any natural product, Amtico Spacia Xtra flooring has a host of built-in advantages, boasting moisture, stain and scratch resistance, engineered toughness and guarantee-backed durability.

The name Amtico is synonymous with high quality flooring designed to last, and the Amtico Spacia Xtra collection is simple, stylish and designed for every day living on a larger scale.

Amtico Spacia Stones

The Amtico Spacia stone range is a timeless collection that will inject style and simplicity into your living space and offers ideal design solutions for both classic and contemporary interiors.

From cool elegant ceramics to warm earthy tones, the Amtico Spacia stone collection is full of natural shades and textures. Each design has an authentic finish that perfectly replicates the organic detail of stone.

The rugged surface effect of the burnished and charcoal slate designs provides texture to an otherwise neutral floor. The light mottled effect of the ceramics is the ideal canvas for cool neutrals or accents of colour.

A more practical alternative than any natural product, Amtico Spacia stone flooring has a host of built-in advantages. Boasting moisture, stain and scratch resistance, engineered toughness and guarantee-backed durability, the Spacia range combines stunning aesthetics with outstanding performance.

You can even enhance the design of your stone flooring with Amtico Spacia feature stripping. By adding contrasting strips, you can transform the overall finish of your stone floor surface.

If you are looking for a statement flooring, the concrete stripping perfectly compliments the darker stones, or partner the ceramic ecru stripping with a contrasting travertine or sandstone to create varied patterns.

Amtico Spacia stone flooring is the foundation upon which any stunning space can be created.

Amtico Spacia Abstract

For cool chic designs to compliment modern day interiors, the Amtico Spacia abstract collection offers contemporary style for everyday living.

With a choice of neutral tones and subtle detail, the abstract range is stylish yet understated. The simple beige, greys and browns can be dressed up to suit any design scheme with bright colour accents, or dressed down with minimalist whites and creams.

Amtico softline pebble, ink and coco designs have a soothing appeal with their delicate linear tones, whilst the deep grey of the softline charcoal makes a more dramatic statement.
The aged metallic appeal of the steel and bronze options bring a stylish masculinity to a space. In contrast, the cross-hatched design of the weave options in linen, velvet, satin and silk, exude the feminine warmth and appearance of their fabric namesakes.

A highly versatile and practical flooring choice, Amtico Spacia abstract has a host of built-in advantages. Boasting moisture, stain and scratch resistance, engineered toughness and guarantee-backed durability, the Spacia range combines stunning aesthetics with outstanding performance.

If you are looking for statement flooring without sacrificing practicality, the Amtico Spacia abstract collection will tick all of your design boxes.

Amtico Click Smart

The Amtico click vinyl flooring from the Amtico Click Smart range offers flooring that is stylish, versatile, and easy to install, and it comes with a 20 Year Warranty!

Amtico’s authentic range of click vinyl flooring includes a wide variety of wood and stone effect floorings, with each one featuring the latest innovations and technologies to ensure the highest quality product possible.

Why Choose Click Smart ?

With the latest rigid core technology, Click Smart is 100% waterproof and allows for easy installation over existing hard floors.

On to of that a 20dB acoustic rating reduces impact sound insulation and provides an extra level of comfort underfoot, And it is compatible with underfloor heating.

Amtico’s “ floating floor “  is a low maintenance product meaning it’s easy to clean and look after, and it is incredibly durable, so it’s perfect for homes with kids and pets.

There’s also no need for adhesives or glues, with Amtico’s easy to use fit click-locking mechanism so that the tiles simply lock together and are loose-laid and with integrated underlay combines the look and texture of real wood or stone with all the benefits of vinyl.

Featuring the latest rigid core technology, the solid core vinyl is stronger and more resistant to expansion and contraction.

Spacia Parquet

Everyone loves a Parquet floor, whether it’s reminiscences over school halls, classrooms and gyms or the timeless appearance – there’s something about this pattern that stands the test of time.

Both beautiful and versatile, parquet flooring provides style and functionality and looks amazing, adding warmth and character to any home or workplace even, a herringbone pattern is an eye catching style point.

Using Amtico’s highly durable 0.55mm Spacia LVT to create a modern take on an all-time favourite classic, the Parquet range is perfect for today’s domestic and business demands, in terms of both aesthetics and performance.

With a 25 year warranty – well talk about Amtico putting their money where their mouth is!

Amtico Form

Amtico Form perfectly fits modern and traditional spaces alike, with the option for textured hand-crafted woods through to cool and contemporary stones this versatile flooring collection is warm and practical whilst the thicker wear layer allows for an authentic, textured appearance that brings charm and character to any room.

With an incredible 30 year guarantee – well, just WOW!

Call us today to discuss any or all of the Amtico ranges of flooring.