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About Amtico Decor

Amtico is a brand long respected for its ability to develop unique and captivating flooring designs. Their cutting edge manufacturing facilities hold the potential to constantly develop new and exciting products that truly inspire homeowners looking for something fresh and invigorating.

The Amtico Decor collection sets itself apart from the many other Victorian-style ranges populating the market by having each piece cut on high-quality cutting beds and carefully packaged by skilled operators.

Ensuring that the tiles are accurately cut to size and able to fit seamlessly, the Amtico Decor range is the pride of the Amtico manufacturing factory in Coventry – cut from the Signature collection to perfection and a higher quality vinyl product.

Boasting a range of colourways and geometric patterns second to none, Decor encompasses more subtle colour combinations and a contrasting style to heighten the appearance of your room.

Sublime Quality

For over 50 years, Amtico has applied vast expertise, excellence and originality into their products to sit high on the mountain when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring.

By constantly exploring new areas of quality and innovation time and again, the many Amtico ranges have seen technological advances and shifts in manufacturing processes to deliver world-class craftsmanship and unrivalled designs.

By reinforcing Amtico Decor’s durability with an unbeatable lifetime warranty, the Decor collection truly is everything that could be wanted from a vinyl floor – Unmistakeable aesthetic, unbreakable wear and tear resistance, vast arrays of colours and patterns and a guarantee that you will not find this kind of satisfaction any cheaper.

Benefits of Amtico Decor

If having an unbeatable look and style at a cost-effective price is not enough, many dreamlike qualities come within each plank or tile that comes out of the Amtico factory.

When you choose a floor, you want to know it will last a long time and live up to its expectations. With the Amtico Decor range, you find it not only lives up to expectations – it far surpasses them.

Key Benefits

On top of visual perfection, Amtico Decor provides many advancements on regular flooring solutions.

  • Underfoot Warmth – LVT is much more comfortable than other floorings like ceramic or stone, providing warmth no matter what design you choose.
  • Insulator – LVT is a great insulator for warmth also, which helps to keep those heat and electricity costs down in the winter months.
  • Wear Resistant – Everyday activities around the house will not affect an LVT floor, which is why Amtico are very happy to give a 30-year guarantee on their tiles.
  • Easy Clean – Unlike most flooring, LVT can be cleaned by a simple mop with warm water and Amtico Cleaner, allowing for your floor to look amazing 25 years from now with minimal effort.
  • Resistance to Water – Decor has 100% waterproof safeguarding, meaning your subfloor is protected against splashes and spills. This makes it a perfect product to add a little luxury to your bathroom or kitchen areas. It also makes it perfect for busy households where children and pets run wild.

Amtico Decor is High-Quality Value

Whenever you choose vinyl flooring, the decision will be based on a few questions you ask yourself before deciding on it. If you want value for money, a long-lasting floor and a product that is hassle-free and not breaking your budget, there are a few things to think about:

  • How reputable is the brand that you are buying from? Will they be around to honour any warranty that may need to be used?
  • How easy is the flooring to lay? How much extra will it cost if it ends up taking longer?
  • How simple is the flooring to clean? Will certain things like temperature changes affect the product?

Amtico has encountered many of these concerns and has adopted the answers into their process, creating a stable product and service that makes the customer the number one priority. Being the market leader for LVT comes with a track record of service and reliability, making Amtico’s guarantee a cast-iron assurance that quality is second to none.

Amtico Decor Prices

Having a high-end product like Amtico Decor does not mean you are paying out on the high end. At Floorbay, we look to provide every customer with the best value for money and service and assistance that meets the customer expectation.


We work with approved fitters of Amtico Decor flooring to assure that quality meets the expectation of every job.