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Who are Floorbay ?

Floorbay ( Authorised Amtico Signature Retailer ) are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Luxury Vinyl Tile ( LVT’s) Flooring like Amtico, Karndean, and many names that may well be new to you

We started trading in 1994 and I personally follow my Father and my Grandfather in the flooring industry so you can rest assured we know exactly what is expected of us and will always strive to exceed those expectations.

About Amtico Signature

The Amtico Signature collection invites you to ‘create your signature style’, and it’s easy to see why with a wide range of authentic and imaginative designs and laying patterns.

Amtico’s Signature Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), is one of the highest quality LVT collections on the market, globally, and design is not compromised for quality, at Amtico they go hand in hand. So you can rest assured that you’ll get perfection in all areas when choosing from the Signature collection.

The Amtico Signature collection is made up of wood, stone, and abstract flooring patterns and are designed using top quality materials. The best of production techniques to make sure that it is of the highest quality for every home, giving you your dream flooring to perfectly complement the look and style of your chosen theme. From modern designer styles, traditional properties, rustic character-filled spaces, and even rural cottages, Amtico Signature ticks all the boxes, when you want to retain your home’s unique charm and character.

Amtico Signature – Simply The Best  

There is a reason Amtico are one of the most recognised LVT flooring companies and that is because of their expertise, excellence, and originality for over 50 years.

In this time they have delivered unequalled quality and innovation over and over again. Their ranges of LVT flooring boast industry-leading technology and manufacturing processes as well as world-beating craftsmanship and market-leading designs. With a “lifetime” warranty to backup Amtico Signature’s unbeatable durability, the Signature collection incorporates everything you could ever desire from a Luxury Vinyl Floor – breathtaking aesthetics, supreme wear and water resistance, fantastic choices of colours and patterns, “lifetime” guarantee, and great prices to help you create your perfect home.

The Benefits when you choose Amtico Signature.

When you’re choosing the flooring for your home, your main goal is to achieve your dream look that you’ve had your heart set on for so long, knowing that it will last for a long time and perform really well. You can achieve exactly that with Amtico Signature Flooring,  and more, by pushing the boundaries with their laying patterns or colour combinations. Flooring just got exciting!

But on top of the visual perfection that you will certainly achieve, Amtico gives you so much more.

  • LVT gives you warmth underfoot – it is warmer than other floor coverings such as ceramic
  • LVT is a great insulator, and so not only will your floor feel warmer to touch, but it also has an insulating effect for your home that will contribute to energy and heating savings
  • It is wear resistant, against everyday activities, which is why Amtico are more than happy to give you a “ Lifetime” guarantee on their tiles.
  • As if that isn’t enough Luxury Vinyl Tiles are super easy to clean and maintain (ease is the main goal). So while actual stone tiles or wood floors may end up with dirt and grime embedded into them, with your Signature flooring all you need is a mop, bucket, some warm water and Amtico cleaner – and your floors will look as good as new in no time – even in 25 years from now!
  • If you need more convincing,  how about Signature’s resistance to water, and other household splashes and spills, your Amtico floor will be impervious to any of the normal day-to-day wear and tear, that happen in all homes – especially if (like me) you have children or pets running riot too!

Amtico Signature Best Sellers

        • Amtico Signature Woods

          White Washed Wood

          Product code: AR0W7680
        • Amtico Signature Parquet

          Designer’s Choice – Oslo

          Product code: DC110
        • Amtico Signature Woods

          Lime Grey Wood

          Product code: AR0W7670
        • Amtico Signature Woods

          Lime Washed Wood

          Product code: AR0W7660
        • Amtico Signature Woods

          Natural Limed Wood

          Product code: AR0W7690
        • Amtico Signature Woods

          White Oak

          Product code: AR0W7520
        • Amtico Signature Woods

          Blonde Oak

          Product code: ARO07460
        • Amtico Signature Parquet

          Designer’s Choice – Dwell

          Product code: DC126
        • Amtico Signature Woods

          Golden Oak

          Product code: AR0W7510
        • Amtico Signature Woods

          American Oak

          Product code: AR0W7050
        • Amtico Signature Woods

          French Oak

          Product code: AR0W7830
        • Amtico Signature Parquet

          Designer’s Choice – Mantle

          Product code: DC337
        • Amtico Signature Woods

          Aged Oak

          Product code: AR0W7710
        • Amtico Signature Woods

          Reclaimed Oak

          Product code: AR0W7870
        • Amtico Signature Design

          Designer’s Choice – Linseed

          Product code: DC143
        • Amtico Signature Woods

          Worn Oak

          Product code: AR0W7390
        • Amtico Signature Design

          Designer’s Choice – Myth

          Product code: DC427
        • Amtico Signature Parquet

          Designer’s Choice – Batiste

          Product code: DC429
        • Amtico Signature Woods

          Chateau Oak

          Product code: AR0W7980

        • Amtico Signature Woods

          Nomad Oak

          Product code: AR0W8140

Amtico Signature High Quality, Excellent Value for Money

When you are choosing an LVT there are a few things that you really need to consider apart from how good the flooring looks and the price it costs.  In order to decide if you’re getting value for money, you need to also consider how long will my flooring last, and will it need replacing in a few years’ time, creating a lot of hassle and even more cost.

  • How reputable are the flooring brand that I’m buying? Will they still be around to honour any warranty if I need to use it, and will they stand by their word?
  • How easy is the flooring to lay, and will the extra time in laying the floor dramatically increase the cost?
  • How easy is the floor to maintain? Plus will the unique temperature changes in my home cause the flooring to shrink, expand, or crack?

These common worries are all taken care of by Amtico – their number one priority is to provide you with the best flooring that you can purchase, and being the no.1 LVT manufacturer in the world, with a long track record of service and reliability, you can be sure that all of your worries are covered by Amtico’s guarantee.

Amtico Signature Prices

By definition, the Amtico Signature Collection is truly bespoke. In fact, this is probably the only collection in the market place that is produced to your exact sizes, designs and shades. This of course comes at a cost but we at Carpet Creations and Floorbay will endeavour to give you both the very best value for money and of course the service and assistance that the discerning customer would and should expect.

Amtico are a recognised brand for exceptional quality with all their products crafted at their specialist factory in Coventry ( a big “ yes” it’s British ).

We have a fantastic database of Amtico approved fitters whom we have worked with for many many years.

Put simply – Amtico Signature is probably the highest quality luxury vinyl tile in the world ~ And made proudly here in the United Kingdom

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you to create the home of your dreams!