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Who are Floorbay  ?

Floorbay are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Luxury Vinyl Tile ( LVT’s) Flooring like Amtico Spacia, Karndean, and probably loads of other super high-quality brands that you’ve never even heard of.

We started trading in 1994 and I personally follow my Father and my Grandfather in the flooring industry so you can rest assured we know exactly what is expected of us and will always strive to exceed those expectations.

About Amtico Spacia

Looking for a breath-taking floor to accentuate the look and feel of your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, or other room in your home?

With Amtico Spacia Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) you can be sure that you will get the perfect look. It’s one of the best selling Amtico ranges, and one of the highest quality LVT’s in the world.

Amtico’s Spacia collection of wood, abstract and stone effect flooring is quite simply exquisite. It is  designed with every home in mind, from minimalistic super modern homes, to older more traditional properties, through to more rustic dwellings, or properties with character from cottages to mansions where you want to retain your home’s unique charm.

Amtico have been recognised for their expertise and excellence for over 50 years, delivering unparalleled quality and innovation time and time again. Their ranges of LVT flooring incorporate industry-leading technology and manufacturing processes. Their world-beating craftsmanship and market-leading designs set them apart from their competition.

With a 25 year warranty to back up Amtico Spacia’s incredible durability, the Spacia range combines everything you could possibly desire from a Luxury Vinyl Floor – beautiful aesthetics, fantastic wear performance and water resistance. In summary a huge choice of colours and patterns, a fantastic guarantee, and cost-effective flooring to create your perfect home.

More About Amtico Spacia

Amtico Spacia offers technical excellence in perfect unison with impeccable aesthetics to create a sublime finish to any room. In the Amtico Spacia collection, you can choose from 96 designs across the Wood, Stone, Xtra, or Abstract patterns. The Amtico Spacia Wood range includes all of the traditional woods like oak, walnut, maple and ash, with each pattern faithfully capturing the warmth, charm and character that you would expect from the worlds leading LVT flooring brand.

With the option to choose contrasting colours, shades and subtle hues, Amtico’s Spacia Wood collection faithfully captures the elegance of natural woods, but with all of the benefits that Luxury Vinyl Flooring gives you.

The Amtico Spacia Stone range includes a diverse selection of traditional stone flooring like sandstone, slate, travertine and even concrete, with each pattern capturing the rugged and naturalistic features of these earthy materials.

With contrasting colours, shades and subtle hues, the Spacia Stone collection offers you the impression of a warm, neutral, or cool stone floor with each accurately reflecting the timeless elegance of natural stone, but with all of the additional benefits that a Vinyl Floor provides you with.

The Amtico Spacia Abstract range consists of a very modern and minimalistic selection of patterns that incorporate ultra-contemporary elements, including minerals, metals, stones and even textiles that melt together to create a unique and almost bespoke look and feel to your home’s flooring design.

The Amtico Spacia Xtra range gives you the option to choose a larger plank size in these wonderful abstract designs, which helps to create a more naturalistic and individual appearance to your floors.

The benefits when you choose Amtico Spacia

Of course, it’s true that when you’re choosing the flooring for your home, your main priority is that achieve the perfect look and feel that you had visualised when you began to design your room’s layout, and with the Spacia range, you can be sure of achieving exactly that.

But on top of just the visual perfection that you’re looking for, Amtico gives you so much more.

First of all, on top of the elegance and realistic look of your floors finishing is the feeling of warmth underfoot.

LVT’s are a great insulator, and so not only will your floor feel warm to the touch, it also has an insulating effect for your home that will help with the energy and heating bills.

On top of that, the Spacia range is designed to be incredibly wear resistant, which is why Amtico are more than happy to give you a 25-year non-diminishing guarantee or warranty on their Spacia flooring tiles.

As if that isn’t enough Luxury Vinyl Tiles are super easy to clean and maintain (ease is the main goal). So while actual stone tiles or wood floors may end up with dirt and grime ground into them, with your Spacia flooring all you need is a mop, bucket, some warm water and Amtico cleaner – and your floors will look good as new in no time – even in 25 years from now!

Plus of course add into that Spacia’s resistance to water, and other household splashes and spills, your Amtico floor will be impervious to any of the normal day-to-day wear and tear, and trials and tribulations that happen in all homes up and down the country – especially if (like me) you have children or pets running riot too!

Amtico Spacia High Quality, Supreme Value for Money

When you are choosing a Luxury Vinyl Floor Tile there are a few things that you really need to consider apart from how good the flooring looks and the price it costs.

  • In order to decide if you’re getting value for money, you need to also consider how long will my flooring last? Will I need to replace it in a few years’ time, creating a lot of hassle and even more cost?
  • How reputable are the flooring brand that I’m buying?  Will they still be around to honour any warranty if I need to use it, and will they stand by their word?
  • How easy is the flooring to lay, and will the extra time in laying the floor dramatically increase the cost?
  • How easy is the floor to maintain? Plus will the unique temperature changes in my home cause the flooring to shrink, expand, or crack?
  • Will the flooring be highly scratch resistant?

These common worries are all taken care of by Amtico – their number one priority is to provide you with the best flooring that you can get, and being the number one LVT manufacturer in the world, with a long track record of excellence and reliability, you can be sure that all of your worries are covered by Amtico’s cast iron guarantee.

And there’s more…

Amtico Spacia is ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories in fact anywhere in the home and of course commercial use!

Product Warranty available for 25 years!

The Spacia range is particularly well known for its reputation for durability and style, making it the ideal choice for any room in the home. Amtico are a recognised brand for exceptional quality with all their products crafted at their specialist factory in Coventry. Their luxury vinyl flooring is unique in the flooring marketplace and Carpet Creations and Floorbay are proud to have been a fully approved retailer for many many years.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you to create the home of your dreams!