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6 Easy Steps to make a Small Room Feel Bigger

If you’re familiar with the tiny house movement, you will be well aware that the spaces we inhabit are shrinking as time goes by. Whether it’s a way to fight high housing prices or simply embracing minimalism, smaller living means interior design must adapt. How can you make a small room feel bigger?

Make a small room feel bigger by downsizing

If you are living in a small space, you first need to think about the things you will really need. And we’re not saying to just look at the big picture either. You need to narrow down every small detail to admit what you do and don’t need. Think about where you plan to place things, what will simply end up in storage and what you know you will definitely use. Once you have completely downsized, you can then begin the design process.

Let there be light!

Given your budget, you may be able to renovate your windows to allow more light to flow through the room. If not, mirrors do a great job of allowing light to bounce around the room. You should also think about your flooring colour scheme too, as darker colours tend to make the room feel smaller.

Choose the right floor

Many homeowners find themselves guilty of overlooking the importance of choosing the best flooring styles for their home. You need to think of your floor as an extra wall, only with even more function. It must be durable, stylish and practical for your budget. Luxury vinyl flooring is usually the best option for this.

Again, in terms of colour, light shades make the room feel bigger. What’s more, cool tones create a sense of openness. We would recommend a simple design for a small space as too much detail can be overwhelming.

Install your flooring correctly

The way in which you install your vinyl floor has an effect on the overall space. If your room is narrow, you want to work in the opposite direction to widen the space. If your room is square, a tile pattern may be the best flooring option instead. Play around with ideas before you make a decision.

Expose your floor

The more floor space you have, the bigger the room will appear. Keep away from rugs, large tables and anything else that may unnecessarily invade the space and opt for wall hangings, shelves and cabinets instead.

Make every piece of furniture count

In a similar sense, you should also make sure that the furniture you do have on the floor, doesn’t take over the room. Consider a sofa that is perhaps less “chunky”, have two small coffee tables on either side as opposed to a large one in front. It’s all about finding the perfect balance to make your tiny room feel open and welcoming.

Start your tiny room journey with the perfect flooring from Floorbay

There are so many things you can do to make your room feel bigger but starting with the perfect flooring will make the rest of the process easier. With Floorbay, you can relax knowing you can find the perfect LVT flooring for almost any budget. Get in touch to find out more.