Are Any Vinyl Flooring Brands Better Than the Leading Brand?

For over 50 years, the leading brand for luxury vinyl flooring has been the lowest price Amtico flooring, British made, supplied and designed for excellence. Known nationally as the leading provider of quality tiles and abstract look through an extensive range of colours and patterns for anything and everything you could want.

Over the decades there have been many other vinyl flooring brands such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, Karndean click vinyl flooring and many others. What makes Amtico different and why would you choose to look into other brands instead?


If you are a person who focuses their decision on what their budget allows, the quality of LVT makes it the most affordable option on the market. Amtico does offer many ranges at different price points, but it isn’t necessarily the cheaper vinyl flooring option for your money.

Amtico typically falls around £20 to £90 per square meter, which can be a hefty sum for bigger rooms. Some other brands may come in at a cheaper price with the same amount of style, which is kinder to a tight budget and you are not compensating on the look of your home. If the option falls under a tight budget, Amtico may not be the cheapest option despite its undeniable class.


Typically when it comes to the installation of Amtico flooring you would need the expertise of an Amtico approved fitter, which can add to the costs. However, using one that is not Amtico approved can be more costly – especially against your warranty.

The more intricate you have your design, the more cost it can incur with time and extra adhesive, which may not play into your intended budget. Other flooring options come with simpler methods such as tongue and groove click systems which make for an easier installation that can be done yourself – saving money on professional fitters and adhesive use.

Amtico tiles are glued down to the floor and can cause issues with repair if required, so the potential in having an easy repair option may land in other brands with click systems.


Whilst all vinyl flooring can take a good vacuuming, with Amtico you should steer clear of using steam mops as they can damage the floor and melt the glue underneath. Flooring cleaner approved by the Amtico brand is a more suitable product to use instead.

Other vinyl flooring brands can be cleaned and maintained with a simple mop and soapy water, but it is recommended you ask for their specific cleaning guidelines just in case.

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