bathroom vinyl flooring

Considering Your Bathroom

When we look at the cleanliness of our home floors, none is more vital than the area of the bathroom. This is the room of the house where we are barefoot, see the most water and, as a result, are more vulnerable than any other floor in the house. This means it also needs the most attention in most cases, in keeping clean and keeping it looking stylish in the face of the water, temperatures and potential hazards. Flooring is the foundation of every room and having waterproof bathroom vinyl flooring is extremely important to protect against wet feet and splashes.

Luxury vinyl flooring such as Invictus or Polyflor is an ideal choice because they take a lot of these areas into consideration.

Water Resistance

Vinyl flooring tiles have systematic protection against water, dampness and moisture, protecting the subfloor as well as the ceiling laying below it.

This is an area that real hardwoods, ceramic tiles and corks are not a suitable defence against when it comes to water. They are also typically very expensive to install in this area, sometimes requiring specialist underlay that adds to the overall costs and does not protect that much further. Just added costs on top of the large price tag and the professional installation costs.

Vinyl flooring on the other hand is more affordable and much more practical. Vinyl tiles are manufactured to be highly slip-resistant, 100 per cent waterproof and come with a much more affordable and cost-effective price tag. The bonus is that they can be installed by yourself and spare that professional installer cost.


Vinyl tiles and planks come in an extremely durable design and are hard-wearing in nature. This is essential for flooring where heavy foot traffic is common, and during family get-togethers and house parties, your bathroom sure becomes an essential shared room during the festivities.

This results in needing a floor that is durable and looks amazing – something a lot of bathroom flooring can not always pull off. Vinyl can replicate woods, stones, slates and even ceramics in a large variety of tones and finishes to match any type of style throughout the market.


The bathroom floor is an area we don’t always rush to clean, and it can be extremely time-consuming.

With vinyl flooring, you find it easy to clean with minimum fuss and it can look great for much longer with no sign of fade over time. Tiles and planks can be simply swept, mopped and wiped down and it holds no signs of stains or dirt.

Your bathroom deserves its special look and comfort – and luxury vinyl flooring is the best product to make that a reality. Contact the team at Floorbay today for the best in bathroom vinyl flooring and vinyl flooring for the rest of your home.