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Best Flooring for Cooling Your Home

Typically, August contains some of the hottest days of the year. Whilst we have seen plenty of rain to dampen that recently, it still factors in for the future when setting up your home. When it comes to flooring, many customers enquire which is the best type of flooring that keeps the house cooler during the hotter months whilst looking incredibly stylish at the same time.

More than you would believe, the right flooring keeps your home cooler in the warmer months. You may have a sun-facing room that gets hot and stuffy when it gets to its hottest outside – resulting in you trying to avoid that room on such days.

Why not consider the decor instead of letting that space go to waste on those days? The right flooring can keep things comforting instead of stuffy.


Laminate is typically chosen for flooring when working to a budget is crucial. Whilst not every person’s ideal choice for the home, it is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, with many designed to replicate higher quality surfaces such as wood and stone.

Laminate does not absorb and hold heat like a carpet and requires so little in the way of cleaning, which plays into its summer strengths. For those who don’t like the thought of laminate flooring, there is a natural progression to a similar option in luxury vinyl flooring such as Luvato luxury vinyl flooring.


Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most preferred flooring options in the world today, with brands such as Invictus and Polyflor becoming the standard flooring for kitchens and bathrooms as well as living areas.

LVT in tiles and planks mimic a variety of popular flooring choices – including tile and stone – without the hassle of fitting it or the vast expense associated with it. Long-time brands such as Quick-Step vinyl flooring are as perfect for summer months as they are all year round, effectively cooling underfoot and, similar to laminate, holding no heat.

They are also highly effective as coverings for underfloor heating systems, with premium ranges like Karndean Click vinyl flooring making underfloor heating for bathrooms suitable due to high water resistance.


Usually, the perpetrator for hot and stuffy rooms in the summer comes down to thick carpet use. As these flooring choices are implemented to make a room cosy and warm, it stands to reason that they would increase the heat temperatures on hot summer days.

Whilst these carpets may be a blessing when the winter months come in, you will find that they are not all-year-round solutions. LVT can handle all heat requirements that a carpet would provide, whilst being naturally comfy underfoot.

Need more advice? Contact the friendly team at Floorbay today for the best type of flooring for those hot, stuffy rooms that have the potential to be the most calming chill-out areas in the house.