can you use vinyl on stairs

Can Vinyl Be Fitted on Stairs?

When you fit out various rooms of the house with luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, you will probably ask yourself the same question as many others – Can you use vinyl on stairs?

The good news is that vinyl flooring can be fitted to stairs, holding up to the increased traffic whilst providing a gorgeous look. Previously, stairs were considered a no-go area for vinyl due to vast amounts of planning that was costly in time and money, but today there are much easier and cheaper ways to do it and provide a consistent run through your home.

Installing Vinyl on Stairs

The greatest appeal of vinyl floorings such as Invictus or others is that they have a very simple installation method, with many choosing to forego the professional fitter for a DIY approach.

In doing this, it is always recommended to get brand specific installation methods from your supplier, so you know you are doing everything correctly. You can have boards cut to specifics so be sure to measure up the steps and take note of any specialist cuts that need making for such things as bannisters and turns on the staircase.

In some instances, you may need to cut off the click locking system, or you may need added support underneath depending on the design of your stairs. You may also require your boards to be sanding and glue being added, which may or may not be in line with the manufacturer’s warranty – so be sure to get as much information regarding the installation of the product on stairs as you can get.

You may also require painter’s tape to help in holding in place, which you want to ensure does not affect your wear layer also.

The Importance of Professional Advice

There are a lot of homeowners who feel that vinyl flooring on steps is a much easier process than layering the floor in a room – but that is not the case.

These boards most of the time will not be clicked together such as your floor in the living room, so there is no locking in place. They will no doubt be held by an adhesive or glue-down method. This will also necessitate a time for these planks to glue into place, meaning no travel up and down stairs more than necessary so it has the correct amount of time to stay in place.

Some of these factors come into play when hiring a professional approved fitter of vinyl flooring to undertake the task of fitting them on staircases.

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