commercial flooring options

The Best Flooring for a Commercial Office Space

When researching the ideal type of flooring for a busy office space, there are a wide range of commercial flooring options that seem ideal. However – looking into it a bit deeper – some products present better benefits than others.

Naturally, you will have to take considerations into your flooring choice. One is the expected lifespan with the expected foot traffic levels. Not all floor finishes will suit every location.

Traffic Levels and Service Life

When you explore your options, consider the life expectancy of your chosen flooring type first. No one wants to buy flooring they would need replacing year after year.

How many people will walk back and forth through your office throughout the week? If the footfall is high, you should ensure that your choice is robust enough to withstand the expected wear and tear. When most people choose flooring, they have a set idea that their ideal flooring will last ten years without any refurbishment required.

With a proper professional installation and proper care guidelines followed, this should not be a problem for most flooring types.

Factoring In Time and Cost

Businesses do not like disruption that causes downtime, so your flooring choice has to reflect that. Time is money, and a few little factors will determine your ideal choice.

The ideal flooring choice should be easy to access should any repairs be made, which means it would not disrupt the entire floor plan or create added distraction for staff and clients. It would ideally be a flooring that can be a quick fix without causing any loss of productivity or requiring any heavy fitting or work around people.

The cost of labour required to maintain this flooring choice, over time weighed against the installation costs, should also be evaluated. If your flooring takes a lot of professional cleaning to keep it healthy and fresh, it may be a big money loser for your business. Some installations are also much cheaper and quicker than others, which should play into your choice. Ideally, you want a solution that matches everything above and provides the minimum of downtime for your business.

Cheapest is also not the most cost-effective – as cheaper options usually come with a lot of additional costs in care and repair. Make sure that the flooring you choose reflects its price with sustainability, durability and ease on your budget for the next decade.

Ideal Product

When examining the above, the ideal commercial flooring options comes in the form of luxury vinyl flooring. LVT products – such as those provided by Invictus or Karndean Click vinyl flooring – are popular forms of flooring due to their high hardwearing qualities and resistance to damage. Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring and other brands provide low-maintenance solutions where a quick sweep with a brush and a weekly mop with warm soapy water is all that is needed to keep the floor healthy.

If you are interested in Quick-Step vinyl flooring and other ideal LVT brands, contact the team at Floorbay today to find the flooring for your commercial office space.