Do Vinyl Tiles Shrink in Hot Weather?

Luxury vinyl flooring is a product made from synthetic materials such as fibreglass, PVC vinyl and a plasticizer which make them incredibly durable. This is down to the multiple layers and the thick core that keeps the comfort underfoot.

Customers choose vinyl flooring such as Invictus to update their interior and provide a fresh overhaul of their home with something stylish. It is easy to install and perfectly replicates a lot of other flooring styles through either a glue-down or click-together method.

However, if your flooring is not properly maintained or installed professionally, it may experience shrinkage.

Sunlight and Heat

The prime concern for shrinkage falls within the expansion and contraction of its material. If vinyl flooring becomes warmer, it does have a slight expansion that can result in the floor buckling. When it gets colder, the opposite occurs and it contracts – causing gaps between the planks or tiles.

If the vinyl flooring is glued-down or self-stick, the exposure to the sun could release the glue bond and the tiles could be seen to shift underfoot. It is a common occurrence, especially in the case of self-installation where the homeowner has not taken it into account. Luxury vinyl flooring is less likely to shrink or buckle than other tile floorings, but it is recommended to have a professional install if the room faces direct sunlight for most of the day.


Water seeping underneath the flooring from either a not completely sealed border or a wet concrete subfloor can cause the glue to become weakened. This can cause buckling or shrinkage of the floor tiles.

Be sure to have a vapour barrier running under your vinyl flooring during your installation which will prevent shrinkage. With high-quality luxury vinyl flooring – such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring – it will have a less likely shrinkage problem caused by moisture as it is 100% waterproof, although you should still take the requisite precautions.

Heavy Object Drag

Not all people prefer the glue-down method of vinyl flooring as many choose a loose lay method for an easier installation.

The only problem is that it can experience buckling whenever heavy furniture is dragged across the floor. The best way to avoid this is by lifting furniture or installing felt pads on the feet of your furniture. This also helps to limit the number of deep scratches that heavy furniture feet can provide to your vinyl design layer.

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