Driving your Home for New Year

Christmas time is here again and it’s that one point in the year where you get to settle down with family and friends and the first ideas about new year changes start to filter in.

Typically most of the ideas stem from a switch-up in your home design – as when those decorations come down the spacious look suddenly makes you want to change the look into something else. This could be time to treat yourself after the festive season by sprucing up your living room and dining area with some luxury vinyl flooring from Invictus or Polyflor or some other leading brand.

There is no better way to revitalise a tired-looking room after a long year than opting towards luxury wood effect vinyl flooring.

Quick Transformation

Installing your vinyl flooring is not as complicated as it may seem, and you don’t always have to go it alone. There are professionals at Floorbay who are skilled and up for the task.

In choosing either a click together or a glue-down option, they both are relatively straightforward, with click together being the easiest form of installation. For this, you simply start at one corner of the room and work your way across. For a glue-down option, it will take the use of adhesive which you should get guidance on for amounts required and which type to use.

Most brands come with a specific adhesive to use, as using others can void your warranty if not suitable.

Professional Fit

Although many choose to forego the option of a professional fitter, they do have their benefits – especially during the hectic new year period when everything is going on.

You also have an assurance that your floor will be fitted with no imperfections – and even if there were, it is not on your to change them and at no extra cost. Also, if you choose a more complicated design such as abstract, or even a more bespoke design – it is best left to a professional to fit it correctly and not be left with confusion or a wrong fitting.

Unlike laminate or carpet, vinyl flooring can be fitted by yourself. This is why luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for your new year-new look plans.

Quality and Authenticity Shaping Your New Year

At Floorbay, we know that pride in your home comes first and foremost, giving you the ability to show off to your friends and family – and do it whilst saving a small fortune.

If time is of the essence and you plan on entertaining more and more in the new year, vinyl flooring provides guaranteed quality and an authentic look of modern or stylish design as the most affordable flooring on the market.

Contact our team today to begin layering your new year.