Filling in the Vinyl Flooring Gaps

Luxury vinyl flooring is undoubtedly the most durable and versatile surface you could put on your floor. Capable of handling huge amounts of foot traffic, it becomes the most desired product for kitchens, entrances and dining rooms.

Installation of vinyl is incredibly straightforward in most circumstances which is what makes it hugely beneficial to do it yourself. Saving money on a professional installer may be great, but there will always be a risk of gaps between tiles occurring. The good news is that they can be remedied with some simple steps.

Initial Prep

Your first step should be to fully clean out any dirt and debris from the area. Doing this will help to prevent these elements from disturbing your filler from adhering how it should.

Use a damp cloth to wipe around the area and discard any particulate matter, making sure that these gaps are not soaked with water which may affect their long-lasting lifestyle. Whilst they are 100 per cent waterproof, the adhesive can be weakened by large puddles of water.

Upon doing this, be sure to wait 24 hours before undertaking the next part of the process.


When it is sheet vinyl flooring or standard tiles, you will be required to utilise a type of caulk that is specifically designed for floors. These typically contain a component that allows for extra flexibility – allowing your different sections to be able to expand and contract without the threat of cracking.

The caulk needs to be applied to any cracks via the use of a putty knife which is a recommended requirement (unless your vinyl brand says different). Be sure to wipe off any excess before it gets a chance to harden. The entire void requires filling and being sure that no air pockets are present to guarantee the bond is firm.


When this work has been done, it needs time for the filler applied to be fully dried and set before anyone walks upon it. Leave a gap of around 24 hours at least before allowing people to step upon it.

Be sure that the entire floor surface is cleaned with a wrung-out mop and detergent, again making sure that you do not drown out the floor. With these simple steps and a cautious approach, your gaps will be filled most simplistically and there will be no ruin to your floor.

Filling in vinyl gaps does not require a professional to get right, even with Karndean click vinyl flooring. You can save on costs with simple guidelines and ensure your luxury wood effect vinyl flooring gets the maximum lifespan.

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