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Flooring Savings for Autumn

In selecting luxury vinyl flooring for your home, you have provided yourself with many practical and financial savings on top of providing a pretty look.

As the winter months are starting to dawn on us all, the need to cut down on heating expenses is in high consideration and by being strategic with your choice of flooring you can actually save a lot of money over the cold period.

Instead of cold and hard wooden floors or short term carpet solutions, luxury vinyl tile not only fully replicates the look of wood and stone flooring, but also provides comfort and warmth throughout the year, especially in the coldest seasons. Being a natural partner for underfloor heating, you can find many replicated dark and light wood styles that give the home the desired look without the negative aspects of real wood flooring.

Due to its relative cheapness in pricing compared to real wood, vinyl is viewed as more appealing that solid wood due to vinyl planks’ ability to absorb heat. Not only does vinyl retain heat, it also will not corrupt in any change in temperature within the house, meaning your planks stay in place.

Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is engineered to be the perfect solution not just in keeping your heating bills down, but also your purchases in cleaning solutions.

High priced bleaching and cleaning solutions are often claiming to be the best as removing stubborn stains or scratches on flooring, but with the highly durable layers that vinyl offer as well as technological breakthroughs in finishing layers you can maximum protection that only requires quick and simple mopping and warm soapy water to eliminate even the most stubborn stains. Savings on this area alone can afford a few extra nights out a year or greater money saved towards holidays if you wish to escape the cold.

If cared for properly, vinyl flooring can increase the property value of your home should you decide to move, meaning it can be a solution that more than pays for itself. By implementing underfloor heating as many of today’s homes do in the modern era, you end up saving on those quarterly bills as well as your home value.

This also means that any area of the house other than the lounge can be utilised. Whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom, office space or even the bathroom you can feel the warmth all through the house all year around saving huge expense by implementing the lowest price Amtico flooring.

By choosing vinyl flooring as your big money saver this year, you get to feel the benefits all year around for years to come, freeing you up to spend on those little pleasures that make life so much warmer. Contact Floorbay for warmer, more durable flooring this winter.