How Much Adhesive is Required?

It is no secret that when you self-install luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, it can get pretty challenging if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. This is why many people choose to use a professional installer for it instead of taking the risks and damaging what should be a great-looking floor.

Preparation is key in avoiding costly and lengthy repairs or corrections and whilst issues around dimensions and types of finished surface are a high point – the amount of adhesive to use on luxury vinyl tiles is equally as important.

Think More

Most installers will tell you straight that overestimating the amount of adhesive that you use for the project is much better than underestimating. The majority of adhesives are quite cheap to procure.

There is nothing worse than having to stretch out your adhesive to cover each tile and it not being enough to secure them in place. Buying more than you need can come in greater benefit in later years if any tile needs replacing or comes loose for any reason.


Many variables can affect the amount of adhesive you would require – including guidelines supplied by the manufacturer and the underlying surface playing a role.

Real hardwoods would typically soak up the adhesives, but with vinyl, it is secure underneath to not seep into the product. Most experts say that one 2.5 litre tub of adhesive can approximately cover 8.5 square metres of flooring tiles.

This is why it is important to properly calculate the amount of surface area before purchasing adhesive. Also of note is that certain luxury vinyl flooring brands, such as Invictus or Quick-Step Luxury vinyl, may have specific adhesives or their brand to work with – which is especially recommended that you do not use a cheaper alternative if it specifies not to.

These adhesives could contain elements that are a detriment to luxury vinyl tile, and going against what is recommended may cause your warranty to be affected.

Consulting With Experts

Even if you choose to forego the professional installation, it is wise to consult with expert fitters or the reseller to which type of adhesive is suitable for the preferred brand.

Many resellers may come with a guide to show the levels and particular adhesive to be applied at their disposal. More complicated rooms and intricate designs would come recommended to hiring a professional installer due to their complex design – which should not be attempted by a novice.

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