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How to care for your vinyl flooring

When first installed, vinyl flooring is fresh and glossy. It makes the rest of the home feel beautiful. But how do we keep it that way? However, without regular maintenance, over time you will see that glossy new-ness fade away. It’s common with any type of flooring, and although vinyl floors offer more durability, they still need to be cared for!

Brush the dust away

Ensuring your luxury vinyl flooring stays shiny and new is key to keeping the entire home look fresh. But there is an art to ensuring it stays this way. Dust particles make their way to your floors quite easily, but a daily sweep with a soft-bristle broom should help keep them at bay.

Avoiding scratches

We would advise you don’t vacuum your luxury vinyl flooring. However, if you feel like you really must, just be sure to avoid using the beater bar. This little accessory can cause scratches, which will likely be quite visually bothersome each time you reach for the hoover!


When it comes to mopping, you need to use a mixture that is guaranteed to make your floors sparkle! Simply use a neutral pH cleaner and lukewarm water. Alternatively, you could use an equal mix of lukewarm water and vinegar to mop the floor. This mixture will also help to remove any negative odours and keep your luxury vinyl flooring looking new!

Avoid bleach

Using a powerful bleach or detergent won’t do your floors any justice. In fact, they’re likely to make them sticky, which will attract more dust that will be difficult to remove later. You should use a mild cleaning product such as a dedicated vinyl floor cleaning solution where possible. They don’t cost too much, but what you do pay is worth every penny. These sprays are designed to repel dust and ensure the floor shines for longer.


Stains happen. It’s a part of life. Something is spilt and doesn’t go noticed immediately, which then leads to drying and sticking overnight. If this happens to your floors, you need to wet the area with a solution of water and mild washing up liquid. After 20 minutes, wipe it dry with a cotton cloth.

Most importantly, with stains, be sure to wipe up any spills immediately. Certain detergents and bleaches can damage your shine, something you certainly do not want. So, wipe it up as soon as you can and use a recommended floor polish!

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