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Vinyl Flooring Jargon: An A-Z Guide

When your new vinyl flooring arrives, it needs time to adapt to its new environment. This is a common requirement for many flooring types, but luxury vinyl tiles only need 24 hours to acclimatise. If you’d like to learn more about how to acclimatise your vinyl flooring, click here.

Another word for glue, this element may be required if you choose regular vinyl flooring over click.

Chevron is a particular pattern that many people use for their parquet flooring. The boards at laid together to form a true point, forming a row of “V” shaped lines. Once the entire floor is fitted, it creates a uniformed zigzag.

Click Flooring
Click is a modern fitting mechanism that many luxury vinyl flooring products. Created to make your DIY project easier, the boards fit and “click” together. This ensures that each board is joined together securely whilst speeding up the installation process.

Feature Strips
Sometimes referred to as design or grouting trips, these are used with luxury vinyl tiles to replicate the look of grout that you would see between real tiles.

Herringbone is one of the most popular flooring patterns available. It uses simple rectangular blocks fitted into a zigzag pattern and resembles the structure of fish bones once laid down.

When describing wooden tiles, you may come across the word “knots”. This is a way of describing round imperfections that are often ingrained into wood planks. You will often find this feature imprinted onto luxury vinyl tiles too!

Multi-Use Profile
Multi-use profiles are a dynamic accessory that allow you to bridge the gap between different flooring types. They work for floors of varying heights as well as similar heights, hence why the profile is multi-use.

Parquet Flooring
Both herringbone and chevron are types of parquet flooring, but there are many other styles available.

PVC Vinyl
PVC is a form of plastic that is used to make luxury vinyl tiles.

This is the area at the bottom of doorways that divide rooms. With colour-matched profiles, you can receive a seamless look and feel throughout your flooring!

Underfloor Heating (UFH)
Underfloor heating is compatible with numerous flooring types, including luxury vinyl tile, and is water or electric-bases system of pipes beneath the floor that generate heat.

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