how to choose vinyl plank flooring

Styles of Vinyl to Light Up Your Lifestyle

How bold a statement are you looking to make when it comes to the steps you take and the impression you make? How to choose vinyl plank flooring can be tough, but Floorbay have the answer.

Embrace Your Light or Dark

Floorbay brings a strong sense of style and design with their Invictus range of luxury vinyl flooring. Whether you choose from the Optimus or Maximus choices you are sure to leave a sense of richness.

Limestone pearl brings a bright contrast to any darkened area obscure from the sun, which makes it perfect for bathrooms and its accompanying tone to white porcelain. Other options include layering your bathroom with the French Oak Eir Burnt planks that offer a touch of suave slickness for those who like to take a bit longer relaxing in the tub.

Why Struggle With Your Choice?

 In fact, why struggle at all? Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is relatively easy in installation and won’t require a professional touch to produce that professional shine.

Perfect for a weekend exercise in DIY and simple enough to clean after a successful job well done, LVT tiles and planks bring a comfortable feel of professionalism and class without the drama associated with the real thing.

And if you need a fitter you won’t find anywhere more qualified than Floorbay to deliver the goods and fit them right the first time.

So if you are ready for perfection with every step, have Floorbay be your first stop in quick step luxury vinyl.

If you’re still unsure about how to choose vinyl plank flooring, contact Floorbay today for friendly, expert advice