how to clean your vinyl flooring

How to Clean Your Vinyl Flooring

To get the most out of your luxury wood effect vinyl flooring you are going to need to give it the care and attention it deserves.

Thankfully, due to the various technological breakthroughs in the vinyl market, that care is not the most taxing on time or resources to achieve. To achieve the best results with the minimum fuss, there are a number of ways to keep your floor pristine.

For starters, be sure to avoid dragging any furniture over your vinyl. By simply lifting any sofas or tables that need repositioning or positioning strips of wood as a runner, you greatly reduce the risk of scratches and scuffs.

Clean Easy

Luxury vinyl tile and planks are extremely easy to clean which is a perfect companion to homes where spillages and stains are a common occurrence. With most vinyl floors requiring an occasional brush or mop every now and again, you can also remove loose debris and occasional vacuum to retain its effect.

Simple cleaning with a wrung-out mop and warm soapy water once a week is enough to do the job, but avoid soaking the floor. If using a sponge is more comfortable it is best to do so.

In removing stains you may find it a bit tougher with tiles, but a damp cloth with hot water mixed with a mild cleaning detergent will get rid of the offending mark. If the stains still persist, use a soft brush on the area with small circular motions being sure not to damage the surface of the tile.

If you resort to cleaning chemicals, be sure that they are safe for use on LVT flooring to avoid damage.


For those with luxury vinyl flooring, simple brushing is always good to keep your floor clean.

Although it is moisture resistant, it is recommended to have doormats at all entrances to trap dirt and moisture. Try not to provide an avenue for extreme sunlight to cause discolouration and fading by having the blinds closed a bit. These are small measures that guarantee a longer-lasting and secure lifespan for your floor by reducing aspects that can take effect over periods of time.

By removing stains and spillages quickly when they happen and stay clear of using any waxes as they can dull the tiles or give them a slip layer.

Choose a Style That Compliments the Surroundings

It helps to have a flooring style that does not clash with decor or furnishings, and with the vast selections that vinyl offer you are able to find the right flooring to give the room an easy quality to maintain.

From Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring to Invictus straight over to Polyflor and other ranges, finding the right combination can give a home an incentive to retain its look and feel on a more regular basis.