how to install vinyl flooring in a bathroom

A quick guide to bathroom flooring

If you have decided that now is the time to renovate your bathroom, you will likely need to change your flooring too. At Floorbay, we are proud to provide a wide range of LVT that will be the canvas for the entire bathroom. Why is this? Because your flooring takes up so much space in any room, meaning if you choose your flooring later, it could completely change the tone of the room! So, with this in mind, here is a quick guide for how to install vinyl flooring in a bathroom.

A quick guide to bathroom flooring – choosing your material

The first thing to consider is your flooring material choice. Ceramic tile is a popular choice for many homes but the cost can be quite high, and you don’t want to start your bathroom renovation with such a huge chunk of your budget going towards the first thing! LVT, however, offers the same style, feel and function of ceramic tile.

And if you’re worried about matching your walls to your flooring, don’t be. Choosing these two items simultaneously is easy thanks to the many brands and styles available at Floorbay! What’s more, we can provide samples so that you can get a clear idea of what your flooring and walls will look like next to each other!

Avoiding laminate

Laminate flooring, as well as sheet vinyl, may seem like an easy, money-saving idea, but trust us when we tell you that your bathroom will lose quality. While it’s good to save money where you can, going too cheap is reflected in the product you receive. Therefore, to get better value for your investment, LVT is your top choice.

Measure your flooring and size

It’s not just style that plays a role in choosing your bathroom flooring. You may find a design that matches your flooring design ideas, but what if each tile is too big or too small? This is another reason to request a sample in advance. Although you can check the measurements online, having a physical product to size up can give you a clear idea of how the tiles will impact your bathroom.

Now you know how to install vinyl flooring in a bathroom. Ready to shop LVT for your bathroom? Look no further than Floorbay! Get in touch today.