how to reduce floor noise

What is Noise Reducing Flooring?

Peace – that is all we want from our homes. After a long day of working, you just want to be able to relax for the last few hours of the day and breathe before the next morning comes along. You don’t want to hear the hustle and bustle of outside. You don’t hear the neighbours business and you don’t want to hear every little movement within the house. This is the time where you want your floors to be fully noise-reducing, and Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for the task. Wondering how to reduce floor noise? Continue reading to find out!

Underlay for Vinyl

There are two types of noise within a house that you will hear. Reflective noise is the sound you hear from your footsteps around the house, whilst transit noise is that noise you hear from people walking around upstairs – which is typically the most annoying sound you can have.

If you have had carpets in your house, you will already know what underlay is – however, it is not just limited to under carpet use. It can be put to greater effect underneath luxury wood effect vinyl flooring. Although quite different from its under carpet form, acoustic underlay underneath vinyl flooring is quite firm.

Depending on how much traffic the room in question receives daily, the thicker this underlay will need to be effective.

Added Bonus of Underlay Under Vinyl

The better advantage of an acoustic underlay beneath your vinyl flooring choice is that it acts as an improved form of thermal insulation – helping to keep your room warmer as well as extra cushioned.

This plays as a greater benefit for the colder months of the year and helps to cut down on your heating costs in short order. When it comes to practical use, it also provides extra comfort underfoot to a product that is already more comfortable than real hardwood. Thanks to vinyl’s 100 per cent waterproof design, underlay will also not be affected by any spills or leaks within the house, meaning your subfloor is also extra protected.

When it comes to the subfloor, acoustic underlay also helps to smoothen out any unevenness in the floor beneath, covering any hard imperfections in the subfloor.

Providing Reinforcement for Comfort

When looking to enjoy your home, luxury vinyl flooring is the solution that meets all criteria for relaxation and stress-free living. Adding an extra benefit of underlay helps to keep things quiet, comfortable and calmer for the perfect evenings.

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