Interest in Underfloor Heating

Nothing quite beats a toasty, warm floor throughout the year and homeowners throughout the UK have shifted focus to underfloor heating systems as a way to keep their homes nice and snug – especially with the price of heating rising throughout each year.

Every Choice Has a Challenge

Underfloor heating is both eco-friendly and a fantastic choice for keeping your home heating costs down but, as these systems do have closer proximity to your household piping, some flooring materials have been incompatible with the system and homeowners have had to rethink their floor design to incorporate this heating source.

It is not recommended to use real hardwood flooring with underfloor heating systems as they do not respond well to dramatic changes in temperature or high heat. This would seriously affect the planks and typically result in warping, buckling, shrinkage and larger gaps in the flooring. This ultimately kills your flooring’s lifespan.

A Vinyl Solution

Luxury vinyl flooring tiles – such as those sold within Karndean click vinyl flooring or Invictus – have come a very long way in terms of design and manufacturing processes to be the number one layer for underfloor heating systems – fully compatible and able to endure the higher levels of heat for its maximum lifespan.

Luxury vinyl tiles and planks achieve this by spreading the heat around effectively and managing to save you a chunk of change on your heating energy bills as a result. When you factor in that vinyl also is a much more affordable option than other alternatives, you realise that savings come natural not just in the short-term, but also in the long term.

With so many vinyl flooring brands out there, you now find that you no longer have to compromise on quality – instead, you have high-quality, durable coverings for underfloor heating.

Brands of Consideration

Karndean Click vinyl flooring is one of the most popular and enduring luxury vinyl flooring brands. It has been designed to be warmer and softer underfoot than choices such as stone or ceramic.

Karndean helps a room feel more levels of comfort and welcoming, especially with an underfloor heating system laying underneath. It is advised that you talk with your flooring provider to ensure that whatever vinyl product you choose fits with the system you are particularly installing – especially when it comes to the maximum temperatures as they can vary between the product type.

For more information on luxury vinyl flooring and its compatibility with underfloor heating systems, talk with the team at Floorbay today.