Invictus flooring

Why Invictus Rides High Among Vinyl Flooring Choice

Over the decades, there have been many luxury vinyl flooring brands that have tipped their product as the best on the market, but many don’t use the word unconquerable – or undefeated. When you look at the meaning behind those words, you find the word Invictus. When you relate that to vinyl flooring, you find the one brand that is confident enough to bear that very name – Invictus flooring.

Invictus has become one of the most popular vinyl flooring brands for several reasons, some of which we will cover below, but whilst most brands want to take the floor on the best in the market – Invictus redefines the term vinyl flooring by being unbeatable.

The Ranges

We cannot start talking about Invictus flooring without covering the big draw – that being the ranges that they offer. They are separated into three distinct ranges that are all supremely impressive.

Invictus Optimus is a luxury vinyl plank or tile that has a wear layer of 0.30 mm, designed to effortlessly withstand the busiest of environments and make the very best out of your investment. That does not mean that they skimp out on the overall quality, as they present every favourite style from highly realistic oaks to vibrantly sleek stone style designs. This makes all spaces they are applied to have an abundance of individual character.

Optimus is complete with the highest scratch resistance as well as safety from moisture and breakage. Optimus is regarded as the invincible plank or tile.

Invictus Maximus are the bigger product with the 0.55 mm wear layer and higher wear resistance and durability. This selection of vinyl is a high choice for commercial environments such as the hospitality, care and retail sectors.

Scratch Master

It is also a great choice for those looking for unique looking spaces, complete with border options. As an ultra hard-wearing product, the Invictus range comes with one major selling point – the Scratch Master.

Invictus’ Scratch Master is arguably the most efficient scratch resistance currently on the market today – which is the envy of the industry for most leading brands. This is especially appealing for those who opt for the Invictus Maximus Click range, consisting of luxury vinyl planks and tiles that have a 0.55 mm wear layer.

The rigid material of Maximus Click guarantees unseen levels of dimensional stability, ensuring the design lasts for decades and does not falter over its 25-year warranty – and beyond.

The Bar

Put simply, Invictus flooring not only raises the bar within luxury vinyl flooring – some would argue that it is the very bar itself.

With a scratch master protecting your flooring from hectic family life, a 25-year warranty delivering exceptional performance and complete silence underfoot – Invictus is the brand that doesn’t claim to be the best but boasts the features that make it undefeatable by them.