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Is LVT Fully Waterproof?

Extremely-heavy downpours over the November/December period have had many homeowners looking at the damage to their flooring through flooding and seeking a safer alternative. The most common question the team at Floorbay gets asked around this time of year is – “Is luxury vinyl tile fully 100% waterproof?”

The answer to the question is more nuanced than a simple yes or no. For one thing, we have to reference the room to which you look to install your LVT and the brand you want to install.

Let us look into it a bit deeper and uncover the truth behind LVT’s waterproof quality.

Suitable Areas

Firstly, LVT is unsuitable for rooms such as wetrooms or walk-in showers. The main reason is that, aside from LVT’s waterproof limitations, the slip resistance built into tiles would not be sufficient in a wet room where groundwater is in abundance.

All major LVT brands – such as Invictus and Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring – offer similar waterproof properties in their design. The better the quality of LVT from leading manufacturers, the higher the quality in construction. Brands such as Karndean Click vinyl flooring or Quick-Step vinyl flooring may differ in price and design, but their safeguarding properties are all in line with each other.

Bathrooms Over Wetrooms

However, we must differentiate between a wetroom and a bathroom for LVT flooring. Installing good quality LVT into a bathroom is fine as it is waterproof and splash proof – and the room contains a minimal amount of surface water.

Thanks to multiple layers – including a durable wear layer and rigid core – LVT can withstand moisture, heavy foot traffic, scratches and spills. Not only is the top layer waterproof, the backing layer protects the underside of your floor from moisture.

When correctly installed, Polyflor LVT has exceptional waterproofing properties, leaving you comfortable whenever the bath overflows from your children playing.

Which Adhesives Are Used?

When glueing down LVT, the choice of adhesive is dictated by the specifics of the application and the room in which it is installed. Different environments can add stress to LVT, risking expansion and retraction of the flooring.

Only a perfectly suitable adhesive will lock and fix the LVT permanently. Wet or humid rooms will subject flooring to heavy stresses that require an adhesive suited to the environment and allows a lasting bond, such as polyurethane or epoxy floor adhesive.

If in doubt, it is best to go with a professional installation with a fitter from Floorbay, who will know exactly how to perform the installation correctly the first time. Contact our friendly team at Floorbay today to ensure your LVT installation makes the most of its waterproof properties.



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