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Is Vinyl a Bathroom Benefit?

In choosing good bathroom floor materials you may want to sway towards tiles. Whilst it may feel like a stylish option it is not entirely practical.

The better option is luxury wood effect vinyl flooring tiles, not only attractive to look at but also low on the overall budget to implement. Homeowners choose luxury vinyl tile (LVT) due to its great value, but also the wider ranges of styles, designs and colours that make up this perfectly replicable product.

For smaller bathrooms, you can find dark vinyl flooring that benefits the available space in feeling much larger, with water resistance offering a much safer lifespan. Bathrooms have specific needs for their flooring to avoid water damage and dampness, making hardwood floorings unsuitable. If you are confused over which positive points point towards the implementation of vinyl flooring, here are some facts to showcase its practicality.

Easy to Maintain

As well as being the most inexpensive option for your bathroom, vinyl tile offers the aforementioned water and stain resistance to make the whole process as simple as a quick mop with warm water and a cleaning agent.

As the bathroom is considered the main wet area of the house, having a solution that not only protects itself but also your subfloor is a unique combination. Having an added protective layer to protect against scratches and scrapes is the added pro for the vinyl tile recommendation, meaning that they can still retain their appeal after many years with minimal fuss.

Extra Comfort

Compared to the other flooring materials on the market, vinyl offers more comfort, softness and warmth for your feet with its range of products.

In the bathroom, this added level of comfort is very important once you step out of the tub or shower, providing you with instant comfort and no cold unwelcoming feeling spoiling the moment.

As the tiles themselves are resilient against rising and dropping temperatures, they make for great reassurance against moisture and heating change – so much so that they are a perfect component for underfloor heating systems. Added comfort for the bathroom is assured through the vinyl flooring solution.

Realistic Appearance

Although a replicated product, the assurances it provides against its real-world product is unmistakable – including its look.

Vinyl comes in a variety of forms, including hardwoods and stone look textures to present the ultimate for home design at a fraction of the price. Whether you want wood or ceramic tile looks for your bathroom, they can be discovered in a variety of tones, palettes and colours.

Your bathroom stands to benefit greatly where it counts with luxury vinyl flooring such as Quick-Step luxury vinyl. Contact the team at Floorbay today for the ultimate bathroom floor materials.