is vinyl flooring better than laminate

What is the Difference Between Laminate and Vinyl?

Today’s flooring is mostly constructed from many highly durable materials with a focus on extending lifespan over decades whilst keeping their appearance. But many homeowners still find themselves wondering ‘is vinyl flooring better than laminate’?

The term most people look for when considering a new floor is the return on investment, wanting a product that can withstand a lot in terms of durability and time. Whilst many offer a lot of positives in terms of style and authenticity, two products are the most common in luxury vinyl tile and laminate.

Some people believe them to be very similar in many ways but there are many differences between laminate and vinyl. Before you would make a decision it is best to get a heads up on your foot down.

Moisture Protection

Ask any specialist or interior designer and they will tell you that when it comes to protection against water, vinyl flooring offers a greater emphasis on standing up to moisture.

Vinyl has been rigorously developed to offer the highest levels of water resistance to the point that it is fully waterproof. This makes vinyl the number one choice for rooms with much more water risk such as bathrooms and kitchens. This not only protects your underfloor but also ensures that rises in temperature will not make any tiles or planks rise or adhesives to become weakened.

Laminate flooring commonly utilises a fibreboard which could be exposed to high-level moisture causing swelling. This can make the shape of the flooring to become affected and lead to bowing.

Thick Layers

Naturally, the fibreboard can make laminate flooring a much thicker product than vinyl.

Typically, laminate flooring can come in at around 12mm against vinyl’s 1.5-5mm, which is substantial enough to be a difference-maker. This of course will play a factor on your borders and other areas so it is essential to really study the thickness requirements of your floor prior to buying either.

Pretty Pennies

The big point of concern always comes in the form of cost, with vinyl sometimes being a slightly more expensive product than laminate.

Of course this factors in many items such as the extra protective measures, various designs on offer and high warranty that can run up to 30 years on vinyl, which can make the lowest price Amtico flooring a high-end product in comparison.

There are many different brands of vinyl flooring to choose from, including Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring all the way to Invictus, each offering fully protective quality as much as differing designs.

The answer to the age-old question ‘is vinyl flooring better than laminate’ comes down to a few deciding factors in play between Laminate and luxury vinyl tile. It is best to evaluate your luxury vinyl flooring needs prior to making your selection for your home.

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