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Designer Looks for 2021

Welcome to 2021, a new year for a positive outlook and a new year for change.

That is what everyone hopes for and many people are already starting their strive for difference, not just in life but also within the home. So when it comes to choosing that flooring choice to replace that shabby carpet or damaged wood, people are choosing from many different luxury wood effect vinyl flooring options and its other variations with a designer look from leading brands.

The Hardwood Look That’s Easy

Do you currently have hardwood flooring that is chipped, discoloured or comes loose so easily that you find yourself kicking it back into place throughout your kitchen or bathroom?

Well vinyl flooring understands these frustrations and has implemented securities within their designs. It’s not just about combating heavy foot traffic, spills, pets and children which give your flooring daily challenge.

By choosing planks or tiles that perfectly replicate a real solid wood board, you get the look of the real thing whilst gaining all of the properties that protect against hardwood’s biggest damage areas. In areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, waterproof technologies prevent rotting wood or seeping through cracks to the underfloor.

Mix It Up for Creative Individuality

One of the growing areas when it comes to vinyl flooring is the ability to mix up planks and tile throughout a room and create a neat experiment with edges, mosaics and patterning.

It’s not just wood and stone vinyl flooring mixture, you could also do designs of ceramic or brick incorporated into your Picasso floor of choice. Imagine the colour and texture of your floor even the wildest vinyl flooring designs can handle the creativeness you crave. From quick step luxury vinyl all the way to Invictus or Polyflor, the brands can build a palace out of a playroom.

Separate Your Spaces

A lot of homeowners have now adopted this practise of separating a room for individual space.

With many people working from home they feel they need additional space in order to work effectively, such as a study area in the living room or a separate dining area in the kitchen. With vinyl flooring, you now have an inexpensive option to differentiate these areas with different flooring so it feels more separate and not like you are under each other’s feet. It is amazing how much a change in flooring style or tone in a section of the room can make it feel like its own entity.

So when it comes to the lowest price Amtico flooring or other brands to make your home something a bit extra special, talk to the team at Floorbay to give you the best steps into 2021 living.