luxury vinyl flooring for bathrooms

Best Vinyl Colours for a Bathroom

The bathroom may not be the first room of the house that you concentrate on when it comes to redesigning, but it sees just as much foot traffic as any other room within the home. When looking into luxury vinyl flooring for bathrooms, you need to consider a couple of things.

It needs just as much attention as those other rooms from its flooring to its furnishings to provide an impact on your overall home. Colours are the most effective instruments to provide emotional connection in the house, and how that plays into your bathroom flooring has to have areas of consideration and execution not to feel disjointed.

The floor is the foundation of any room in the home and the colour palette has to be a conscious decision to make it an appealing and valuable addition. The best colour for your bathroom is the one that fits your aesthetic preference for cosiness and completeness.

Think About Your Theme

By installing luxury vinyl flooring, your bathroom can have a budget-conscious uplift in the way you place your tiles or planks following your preferred colour scheme.

This allows for a more strategic and cohesive placement of tiles along with wall tiles to create a harmonious effect, making it refreshing and eye-pleasing. It is always preferable to keep the bathroom vinyl, such as Invictus, a darker shade than the wall tiles and ceiling, although there is nothing wrong with creating more visual interest with a lighter-coloured flooring tile.

Darker grey vinyl tiles can stand out quite nicely against wall tiles that have either a white or blue ceramic preference.

Creating Harmony With Each Room

Although the bathroom has a different function than other rooms of the home, there is nothing wrong with wanting to perfectly align the design choices throughout each room to match perfectly.

Some people get bored with a wholly ceramic look and style in their bathrooms and want something more bold and brash. Dark wood tile adds sophistication whilst light woods provide a more back-to-nature feel – and some people opt for stone designs such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

The good thing about the choice of luxury vinyl flooring tiles in a bathroom is that no matter which design you want to install, they all come around the same price range no matter if you choose wood, stone, slate or ceramic designs – which when compared to the real deal it can be varied in cost and usually much more expensive in cost and installation.

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