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Why is Vinyl Flooring So Incredible?

Real hardwood and laminate flooring may be quite common in homes by today’s standards, but luxury wood effect vinyl flooring has certain qualities that are destined to make you reconsider the current flooring you have in the home.

luxury vinyl plank or tile closely mimics natural hardwood flooring in both looks and feel and, by being 1005 waterproof, it is perfectly ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and other places prone to moisture. It is also a vastly more cost-effective option which makes it all the more appealing.

Luxury vinyl flooring, including its installation and maintenance, is considerably cheaper than real hardwood flooring. Not only does this appeal to homeowners, but also landlords and business owners also.

Is Vinyl Suitable for the Home?

Luxury vinyl flooring tiles and planks offer versatility like no other flooring option currently on the market.

Many people who have had vinyl tiles installed have never even given it a second thought because on top of the quality being top range, it has been extremely affordable to boot. Many homeowners who have children or pets choose vinyl because of its high scratch resistance, making it also ideal for bedrooms or comfort rooms due to the quickness in which it can be cleaned,

What’s the Quality?

How vinyl flooring is manufactured is what makes it such a high choice – and that is down to its durability.

Encompassing several tough layers in each plank, the top layer consists of a high definition photograph of actual hardwood design. This is glued to another layer known as the backing layer which is then placed onto the topmost layer which provides all the strength and durability of the product. Made from eco-friendly products and easy to cut into a size that fits, they are a friendly option that offers simplicity in flooring without giving up the impressive look of real hardwood flooring.

How is it so Popular?

Vinyl flooring has taken over the last two decades to reign supreme as the flooring option of choice, and its popularity continues to grow day by day.

Many people choose luxury vinyl such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring as a better alternative for tile not just because it is cheaper – but because it is a product that is easy to get right by yourself. It  What’s not to go for?

For more information on the benefits of luxury vinyl plank or tile, contact our team at Floorbay today.


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