Spring Designs from Vinyl Flooring

Changing the seasons means a changing of the guard when it comes to the wants and desires of your home. Last year provided a lot of focus due to lockdown’s and families spending more and more time in the house, causing a lot of households to invest in their property decoration and functionality when looking at new home floor plan ideas.

The past year has seen an influx of interest in luxury wood effect vinyl flooring due to the durability required for an extended time in the home. Homeowners turn to products like lowest price Amtico flooring and Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring due to its name on the market, its many protective measures and its long-lasting warranty. But what about other products in the marketplace and the best designs they offer for Spring freshness?


Among the top choices from the Quick-Step luxury vinyl range is the Livyn Ambient Click range, providing a darker shade for kitchens that are not cold looking or dull.

For the lighter balance for your kitchen’s or living rooms, you can check out the popular Livyn Balance Click which brightens up every little corner your room can present, giving off a great reflective quality. At just £22.99 per square metre each you can save massively on your flooring without sparing the style.

Thanks to the easy tongue and groove system, your new floor is a simple click away.


When people look for more natural flavours for their home, Invictus has been a great product that has seen a rise in popularity in the last year.

The Optimus range has many great designs but a firm favourite is Cottage Oak Natural for the people looking for a light and welcoming layer. Perfect for those environments that need a home office environment as well as a chill-out room.

The Maximus range brings about incredible designs like the popular Concrete Crush Smoke, which is perfect for the lead in lounges towards the back of the property connecting to a back garden area. Thanks to its easy-clean tendencies you also don’t have to worry about long hours cleaning up those paw prints.


People who love the extra layer of reality looking vinyl have found an attraction to Polyflor and its numerous styles and palettes.

Those looking for a natural look with fantastic reflective qualities have jumped at the chance to have Expona Design put into their living rooms, perfect for those rooms with furniture they like to shift around.

Those looking for a real statement in their hallways to greet anyone upon entering love to opt towards Arctic Slate. With its eye-catching different square size design presenting an awe inspiring amount of design effort, it has been a really popular choice for those wanting to showcase a little sophistication.

For many more fantastic flooring design options for vinyl flooring to suit your Spring mood, contact the team at Floorbay today for all your new home floor plan ideas.