Parquet flooring and LVT

Parquet flooring has found itself falling in and out of interior trends over the last few hundred years. Since it’s introduction in the 1600s, many homes and buildings have welcomes parquet and we can see why. So, if you plan to incorporate parquet flooring into your home, read on.

Pick your pattern for your parquet flooring

Whether it be for your hallway or lounge, there are many ways in which you can welcome parquet flooring into your home. The pattern can truly change how a room looks and feels…

Parquet Flooring
Parquet Flooring for a recent customer

Here are some patterns to choose from:

  • Basket weave
  • Brick
  • Chevron
  • Herringbone
  • Chequered

There are also more intricate options available, leaving the possibilities almost endless!


You will also find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to colour. In addition to the traditional warm tones available, you can choose from whites, greys, honey tones and more.

Not always solid wood

Solid wood parquet flooring can be a tempting option for some, but it does come with its drawbacks. For one, the cost can be out of budget for some homeowners. And let’s not forget the maintenance that comes with solid wood, which will also come with additional costs over the years.

Solid wood also may not be a suitable choice for certain rooms in the home as particular environments can cause the wood to shrink, expand or even warp. This means that solid wood is not viable for bathrooms or rooms with underfloor heating.


However, LVT is a great alternative as it offers the same style options as you would find with solid wood. The difference here is that this option is resistant to things such as moisture and temperature, meaning it is suited for pretty much any room in the home!

With the click-flooring options available, the installation has never been easier. Even if you don’t fancy installing the flooring yourself, professional installation will cost significantly less than it would for solid wood.

The beauty of LVT is that it comes in both LVT wood and stone finishes, and this applies to parquet flooring! You can still achieve a parquet stone floor without risking cracked tiles or cold feet.

Find the perfect parquet flooring with Floorbay

As you can see, achieving parquet flooring in your home has never been easier thanks to LVT options available. If you would like to save money on your flooring through the use of LVT, then look no further than Floorbay. To learn more about our wonderful range of products, get in touch.