parquet vinyl flooring

Parquet Style

When it comes to various forms of flooring installation, there are various techniques that each has to provide the perfect fitting.

Parquet flooring has been deemed as among the most tricky to install in order to gain the best possible presentation. It’s partly due to their intricate design which is focused on bringing out the best in whatever room you lay it in. It is a perfect feature for hallways, kitchens and living rooms if you want personality, but does the reputation of its difficulty affect the product when it comes to it’s a selection and is it really as difficult as it sounds?

With Parquet there are guidelines in order to make installation a pain free experience if installing on your own. It can be a complex procedure, so be prepared for it before you start makes all the difference.


If you want parquet vinyl flooring to be stable and secure then it is imperative that you ensure your subfloor is suitable for the requirement.

By ensuring your subfloor is dry and even, you are providing the required backdrop to ensure that no panels or tiles slip or bubble after laying them down. Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring can be fitted over many types of subfloor including concrete and plywood, but preparing them correctly is the big difference in keeping your floor consistent.

Remove all debris, broken tiling and grease by giving the subfloor a proper clean and allow it to dry thoroughly. This will prevent moisture from affecting the fitting and allow the adhesives to work effectively.


Parquet style vinyl flooring can vary depending on what method of implementation you choose and the pattern, so it is recommended that you get advice from a professional supplier prior to starting out on your own with it.

The direction of your pattern comes down to your own personal preference, but the most popular form is having it fitted parallel to the longest walls in the room. There will be natural movement with any parquet flooring so best to leave a space of around 15mm to allow for compensation. This can be used for skirting boards after vinyl floooring installation is complete.


After fitting your parquet vinyl flooring, you need to leave sufficient time to settle. This is usually around 48 hrs.

Once everything is in place, clean away any adhesive residue from around the tiles and give the floor a sweep and light mop, making sure no water or moisture is left on the surface. Although vinyl is water and moisture resistant, leaving any substance on it for too long may be challenging to it.

Consult with a professional at Floorbay for full guidance on how to install and maintain a lasting parquet vinyl flooring solution with the lowest price Amtico flooring.