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Rigid Core Vinyl: The Lowdown

Rigid core vinyl flooring is a flooring solution constructed with dimensional stability in mind. It was engineered with vinyl to provide a stable, less pliable plank that is more sturdy upon installation and better for everyday living.

Rigid-core vinyl provides more of a natural feel than traditional vinyl and can overcome some existing subfloor issues. There are different types of rigid core available – some better known than others – and it is just another name for engineered vinyl flooring.

There is SPC vinyl flooring with a stone plastic composite core and WPC vinyl flooring with its wood-plastic composite core.

Typical Rigid Board Construction

Depending on the type of rigid core flooring you choose will determine how that flooring is constructed.

High-performance protective wear layers add scratch and stain resistance to the vinyl surface, with the design layer giving the plank or tile its realistic and stylistic appearance. The rigid composite core can be made from many different materials and will set stability and durability apart from a regular floor.

The attached underlayment may or may not be a part of the rigid core board, but many manufacturers opt to include it – such as cork – to give extra protection to the board and add sound absorption.

Benefits of Rigid Core

In today’s market, homebuyers are demanding a bit more benefits for their purchases. Polyflor Rigid core vinyl provides many benefits for both the commercial and domestic sectors alike.

Vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof so that water and moisture cannot cause any damage or swell to the planks. It also comes with an easy install click profile which saves you money and time in comparison to other luxury vinyl flooring products. A rigid core is a great option when choosing a floor based on satisfaction, with its very sturdy feel over traditional vinyl but not differing on the cushioned underfoot experience.

The decibel level reduces significantly with a rigid core, with a layer included specifically for sound reduction – even more so when the underlayment attachment is cork based.

Appearance and Maintenance

As an increasingly popular option, there is a widening range of rigid core designs to choose from. Wood, stone and herringbone effects are all being produced to higher quality levels year after year.

Rigid core is also famous for having lower maintenance needs than the majority of flooring types, with simple mopping and vacuuming doing the bulk of the work. Not only is a rigid core suitable for any room in the home, but it can also be fitted on top of existing floorboards and tiles that are level, including underfloor heating systems.

For more information on Polyflor Rigid Core vinyl flooring and other great brands, contact the team at Floorbay today.


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