Should I choose dark or light flooring for my home?

Though many homeowners choose to brighten their home with as many light tones as possible, dark flooring is still as popular as ever. You can choose tones, shades and laying styles that can complement any home design. If you’re a fan of layering tones in the home, any shade of flooring is worth considering. So, if you’re not sure whether to choose dark or light flooring for the home, read on!

Type of interior

It helps to begin by thinking about how you want the room to look as a whole. If you are renovating the entire room, you will likely have put together a Pinterest board or physical mood board of some kind. But if you are simply freshening up a pre-existing design, you have the opportunity to rethink what flooring would best benefit the room.

You may also wish to consider the purpose of the room you are re-flooring. Is it the kitchen where spills and splashes will occur, or is it the bedroom where shoes are rarely worn? You may prefer to choose dark tones over light if you are working with an active room. However, luxury vinyl flooring is extremely durable, so your choices are still quite open!

Room size

Be aware of how large your room may be. If you’re working with a smaller room, dark flooring can shrink the size down to appear even smaller. So, if you want to make a small room appear bigger, it would be best to stick with lighter shades.

If you’re looking to add depth to a large room, dark flooring is a great option. It will counter-balance the openness in a way that compliments the space as opposed to dulling it down, especially if you have bright walls.

How much natural light?

You then need to think about the amount of natural light that will make its way into the room. Dark coloured flooring will consume the light as opposed to letting it bounce around the room. If you have small windows, you may wish to keep the room bright with light tones, whether it be wood or tile.

Room style

Not only do you need to think about the general style of your room but think about the exact furnishings you plan to include. If you plan to use existing furnishings, it will be worth taking the time to think about how they will affect the room when combined with your choice of flooring.

Choosing the right flooring with Floorbay

Whether you choose dark or light wood flooring for your home, you want the best quality flooring for your budget. With a wonderful selection of vinyl flooring styles from Floorbay, you can relax knowing there are plenty of options available for your home. Get in touch to find out more.