The Best Rooms to Install Vinyl Flooring

When you select luxury vinyl floorings such as Invictus or Polyflor for your home, you add a cleaner and fresher style to your home that is both affordable and simple to install.

Vinyl flooring upped its game in the 2000s for its impressive levels of durability and versatility in choice for any kind of property. Made up of synthetics like UPVC, vinyl floors resist moisture, making them a perfect fit for kitchens and bathrooms where other flooring surfaces cannot stand up to the challenge.

Vinyl Styles

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in a choice of choices between vinyl planks that provide added warmth and texture, vinyl tiles that have more affordable installation costs and vinyl sheets that are preferred for moisture-heavy rooms.

The choice of vinyl has to be made with your plans for the room moving forward and discussed with your provider on the suitability for the room in question.

Where Vinyl Plays Its Strengths

The kitchen is the most popular area for luxury vinyl flooring, with many homeowners choosing it because it withstands much more frequent foot traffic and copes to a higher degree when it comes to moisture.

Spills wipe up easily without any damage to the flooring surface, reducing the number of specialist cleaning products that rack up the expenses. Vinyl also springier underfoot feel which is much more preferable than the feel of laminate or hardwood, which comes in handy for protecting your dropped dishes and glasses.

You can choose many different colours, patterns and effects within vinyl tiles and planks, so you never have a problem when it comes to achieving the right look.

Bathroom Ready

Bathrooms are the biggest areas that are prone to moisture more than any other room in the house, making LVT the ideal choice because of its seamless finish and softer and warmer feel underfoot.

The added benefit is that if you have a desired style in stone, ceramic or even wood for your bathroom flooring, you can achieve it with vinyl without needing special treatments or added protection. It is also much cheaper on your budget to have it fully replicated with vinyl tiles or planks, and cut to size by measuring your space before ordering your choice.

It is also a great flooring choice if you have a laundry room, providing water resistance whilst also protecting against any temperature rise.

Like laminate and hardwood, luxury vinyl flooring such as Karndean click vinyl flooring and Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring works well in any living space. With a price point that is within the budget range of most homeowners, vinyl flooring is the product destined to satisfy all around the home.

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