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Versatility in Vinyl

Upgrading the look of your home can be challenging, especially when it falls to choosing the correct flooring that will suit your home all year round. If you want to choose a floor that provides the best wow factor, brings creativity whilst being durable and looks perfect within any room environment – a vinyl floor is the best solution available.

Like every other kind of flooring option, there are many variations and styles that you can choose from within vinyl flooring. There are replicated looks of stone, wood and ceramics and the patterns that they can be laid in are just as varied.

The advantage of luxury vinyl flooring is that every tile is exceptionally durable, water-resistant and easy to clean whilst retaining stunning realism.


Invictus translates as invincible, and that is no more apparent than in this stunning range that delivers a great performance that outlasts any expectations.

This particular LVT has striking styles through many large designs, with a special focus on true-to-nature woods and realistic stone visions for your home. Invictus is perfect for homes looking to make a bold statement with intricate patterning, preserved for longer due to the inclusion of Scratchmaster on the top layer protecting from kids and pets.

The planks of Invictus are simpler to handle and install, perfectly compatible with underfloor heating systems and suitable for kitchens and bathrooms due to their increased water protection.


Quick-Step vinyl flooring is another brand that is incredibly popular due to its soft and silent product, comfortable to walk on and do so quietly around the house.

Quick-Step combines a natural wood or stone design with an efficient installation and maintenance system that makes caring for this floor a true dream. This product has found its home most recently in bathrooms and kitchens also due to its unique waterproof click system and water-repellence that protects for decades and returns on your investment with protection.


Karndean Click Vinyl Flooring is the brand that is chosen by homeowners wanting a beautiful floor that transforms the home’s look and the way it is used, being a practical and hygienic option that is fully worth the investment in this premium flooring product.

Karndean has a lofty reputation for being able to handle water spillage without warping and catching dropped plates or cups without so much as a chip or crack thanks to its cushioned texture. As well as this, it looks simply stunning in replicating wood or stone. The additional borders that can be added truly add an interesting style choice to your home.

If you are looking for some versatility within your home, the team at Floorbay are on hand to help you find the right choice. Contact Floorbay today for the very best in luxury vinyl flooring.


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