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Safeguarding Vinyl Flooring

In our previous blog posts, we have gone into great detail about how vinyl brands such as Polyflor and Luvanto add a great dimension and style to your homes on top of their fantastic sustainable vinyl flooring benefits.

Today, we want to show how you, as a homeowner, can help keep your flooring tiles and planks in their best condition. Whenever you buy LVT for your home, one of the most common concerns comes from various scratches and scuffs that can happen every day. Vinyl flooring is highly scratch and stain-resistant – but you can still take some measures to ensure the worst-case scenario does not unfold.

Here are some steps to minimise scratching and scuffing of your vinyl flooring and some tips for responsible use.


Whilst many homeowners may feel more comfortable in a shoes-on approach to being in their home, the downside is that your Karndean Click vinyl flooring can have a drastically higher risk of scuffing and scratching.

In the case of stiletto heels, it can be hugely damaging in leaving indents in your flooring. Trainers and shoes with treads tend to carry small sharp stones that will grate against your vinyl design layer, leaving small to harsh scratches in the design. If you want your floor to remain amazing in its look, it’s a simple rule to enforce – Shoes Off!

The best way to install this practice is to place a shoe rack by your front door, reminding you each time that comfort is king in your house.

Felt Pad That Furniture

Away from shoe use, the biggest perpetrator of scratches to Invictus vinyl flooring is ill-prepared furniture within the room. When chairs move when you sit on it, the legs tend to scuff the flooring underneath and cause damage due to the weight.

As your tables and chairs will drag and catch on your flooring, we recommend that all furniture be fitted with felt padding on the feet to ensure that any movement does not seriously damage your wear layer and design. Felt padding is cheap – much cheaper than vinyl flooring replacement and repair.

Pedicures for Pets

Your household cats, dogs and other furry friends are undoubtedly a joy to have around the house – but long nails are not a vinyl’s best friend.

Long nails trotting and running across the floor will test the limits of your design layer, presenting a fair amount of discernable scratches. We recommend that you keep your companion’s nails trimmed to a nice and safe level to extend the lifespan of your Quick-Step vinyl flooring.

To enjoy vinyl flooring benefits and save a lot of money in treatment and replacements in the long term, contact the team at Floorbay today for the best in luxury vinyl flooring for your home.


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