Where to start laying vinyl plank flooring

Where Vinyl is Used Within a Home

Freshness and style are always at the forefront of our homes and we constantly look for something to spruce it up at any given opportunity. Our floors are no different, they play a bigger part than we like to admit, and knowing where to start laying vinyl plank flooring is an advantage.

The Vinyl Option

Luxury vinyl flooring is an affordable option that comes easy to install and in a wide variety of styles and tones to choose from, and when it comes to decking out your home to match the freshness and style you seek – you don’t get much better.

Vinyl flooring offers much more resistance to moisture as well as its ability to perfectly replicate expensive hardwoods or stone flooring solutions, which not only makes it a cheaper option but also one you can layer throughout your entire house with different styles to each room if preferable.

The options come under three distinct categories – Plank, Tile and Sheet.

So, where to start laying vinyl plank flooring.


Vinyl flooring for your kitchen is a highly sought product for several reasons, chiefly because it is highly moisture-resistant and durable.

People find that when it comes to spills in the kitchen, the vinyl method has them easily able to simply wipe up the offending liquid without it doing any permanent damage to the floor. It is also very springy and comfortable underfoot, something that tile and hardwood are not well established at being.

Whilst this offers comfort, it also offers a bit of added safety for dropped plates, cups or jars and is much less likely to break. Everyone wants authentic tile or hardwood for a kitchen but it is not exactly practical in comparison to a fully replicated look via vinyl.


This means that the bathroom is the perfect place for vinyl flooring to be laid. Water prone areas in general rack up the most in flooring repairs throughout a house from tile to ceramic, so it makes sense to have a better product that can imitate it perfectly.

Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is perfectly suited to wet areas of the house because it can fully protect your subfloor. By not having any seams, your floor is fully protected as long as you don’t leave excessive amounts of water on the surface for long periods.

Vinyl flooring also provides a lot more comfortable underfoot than ceramic or porcelain does.


The great thing about vinyl flooring is that you have no shortage of options through many different brands such as Invictus, Quick-Step luxury vinyl and Karndean click vinyl flooring to decide between. If you’d like to know where to start laying vinyl plank flooring, or if you find yourself stuck for choices, contact the team at Floorbay for the best kind of vinyl flooring for any room.