wood effect vinyl

Why is Wood Effect Vinyl the Most Popular Style?

When we think of the words luxury vinyl flooring, many people will instantly picture luxury wood effect vinyl flooring. This is because a huge majority of people associate this flooring with its ability to perfectly replicate real hardwood in so many different styles.

Many advertisements, blogs and articles of interest focused around vinyl flooring will have the replicated wood design front and centre, and it no doubt provides the desire to purchase the product as the ideal choice.

When we look at real hardwood, which is ideally what people want to shower their home with, there are a lot of disadvantages to having it installed.


Generally, it is uncomfortable, providing a hardened feel underfoot and generally a lot colder also. It is also very tough to install yourself, requiring a specialist to fit cumbersome planks so that they are solid and at no risk of shifting.

The difference when it comes to wood effect vinyl flooring is that it is generally softer underfoot than the very thing it is replicating. It also provides warmth underneath the comfort, which is also very accommodating to underfloor heating setups.

Also of note, vinyl flooring is a lot simpler to self install by simply gluing down or clicking together planks or tiles. This spares even more expense on those professional fitters to do the job for you.


Water damage is always going to be a major concern when it comes to the home, and a real hardwood floor can see its fair share of damage resulting in rotting wood to water seeping through to the subfloor causing dampness and rot.

When we look at vinyl flooring, we are reassured that the product is made of waterproof materials which is suitable for wet rooms such as the kitchen, laundry room or bathroom. Vinyl flooring such as Karndean click vinyl flooring does not allow for water to breakthrough, although it is recommended that any large puddles of water be left unattended for long amounts of time as this could wear at the adhesive if glued down.


Real hardwood is very expensive, especially in the current climate where supplies for wood are growing increasingly sparse in supply. If they should need replacing through damage that will be even more expensive.

Lowest price Amtico flooring is one of the most economical choices of flooring that does not require the provision of wood to achieve its look and is a much cheaper alternative in installation as well as look. It also does not require expensive cleaning chemicals to keep clean, with a simple sweep and mop doing all of the work in most cases.

The reason wood effect vinyl flooring is the most prominent is down to its preference and security over choosing the expensive option of the real thing. This is what makes luxury vinyl flooring the number one choice for a look of perfect wood in the home.