Dark Grey Vinyl flooring

Dark Grey Vinyl Flooring is an incredibly popular product in modern-day homes as it’s an easy and cheap way to add a touch of elegance to any home without compromising on quality.

Dark grey vinyl flooring is often preferred for many active homes with kids and pets due to its durability and the easy cleaning surface, usually best suited to kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways.


Silk Oak Dark Grey 

Quickstep’s Livyn Balance Silk Oak Dark Grey is a modern-looking floor with real sophistication. This luxury vinyl tile floor comes as large, bevelled planks. The design itself is a dark, sultry oak with a smooth, prime grain – this is a floor which looks fantastic in any upmarket living room or office, but will also look great in both residential and commercial environments.

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Vintage Oak, dark grey

The classic decoration of oak is perfectly represented in a number of the woods, ranging in tone and effect, sitting alongside the more age worn rustic & limed timbers.

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The dark limestone Cetona tile is ideal in modern spaces, offering a minimalist backdrop to your space. The combination of blacks and mottled dark grey gives a feel of simple yet dramatic luxury.

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