Pine parquet flooring

Pine Parquet flooring is a traditional flooring material popular for its rustic look and is a reliable and robust material. Pine Parquet flooring is very desirable as it comes in several traditional parquet patterns to suit any rustic environment.

Although Pine looks like it is a hardwood it is a softwood meaning the flooring can dent scratch and scuff fairly easily, this is why some people opt for an LVT version of the product to capture all the beautiful positives of pine with less damage over time!

Pine parquet flooring

Washed Scandi Pine Parquet

Washed Scandi Pine gives the impression of light, whitewashed tones on typical Northern Scandinavian Pine.

Karndean have selected this design to be available as a parquet and can be used to form a rug with the standard planks in the same colour around the perimeter to give a stunning effect.

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