The all NEW Quickstep Alpha Blos flooring collection – 15 classic shades

Introducing the Quikstep Alpha Blos Flooring Collection, where design and performance come together flawlessly. Blos offers the perfect flooring choice for those who want to bring the essence of spring and the beauty of nature into their home. Explore Quick-Step’s serene and attractive designs that will inspire you to create captivating flooring ideas.

But it’s not just about looks. The Quick-Step Blos Flooring Collection also features a reliable watertight click system. We understand that accidents happen, especially in a busy household. That’s why our flooring is equipped with a watertight click system that makes handling spills and mishaps a breeze.

With our advanced technology, not only will your subfloor stay dry, but dirt and damage will also be prevented, creating a healthier indoor environment. Say goodbye to worries about moisture-related issues that can negatively impact the comfort of your home.

Elevate your space with the Quick-Step Blos Flooring Collection. With its stunning designs, watertight click system, and the option to personalize with underlay, you can create a flooring solution that not only inspires but also offers durability and practicality for your home.

Choose from 15 shades, enjoy the convenience of underlay attached, and experience the quick and easy installation of our uniclic system.

Showing all 15 results

Showing all 15 results