Quickstep Ciro herringbone – easy to install vinyl flooring

Picture a house that combines traditional styles with a modern flair. Our rigid Alpha Vinyl collection showcases the timeless sophistication of Quickstep Ciro herringbone vinyl flooring, boasting an authentic design and a natural color palette that radiates the warmth of sun-soaked wood. In addition, Quickstep Ciro floors with attached underlay offer strength, quietness, effortless installation, and complete water resistance. Elevate the luxury in any space, including kitchens and bathrooms.

100% Watertight

Your busy household doesn’t have to worry about spills and splashes because our watertight click system and water-repellent surface make your floor 100% waterproof.

SIlent Underfoot

Ciro rigid vinyl flooring is constructed with multiple layers and features a high-performance underlay that is attached. The outcome? A floor that is quieter, providing a serene sanctuary for your home.

Truly Beautiful

Our Ciro floors are crafted with state-of-the-art technology to beautifully capture the textures and patterns of natural wood, creating a truly authentic experience.

The easy-to-lay herringbone system : Unzip

Our innovative Unizip click system allows you to install a Quickstep Ciro herringbone floor using just one type of plank. Typically, a traditional herringbone floor requires two types of planks that click together on different sides. With our unique design, you’ll have less waste and fewer complications, making it easier and quicker to enjoy your stunning new herringbone floor!

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Showing all 6 results