AA QA SoundClick Underlay


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Price: £4.00 per m² excl. VAT

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AA QA SoundClick Underlay in more detail...

Luvanto SoundClick Underlay (QA) is a 1.5mm thick lightweight underlay for click vinyl flooring, suitable for domestic installations. SoundClick has an anti-slip top surface, which holds the flooring firmly in place. It makes it so much easier to fit, without the pieces sliding around. And when the floor is down, you can guarantee it won’t be going anywhere – even if it takes the full force of family use!

The dense, closed-cell polyolefin foam of SoundClick gives it 18dB impact sound reduction rating – so it deadens any loud noise and makes the whole room quieter. It also has an ultra-low tog value of just 0.27 which means your underfloor heating system works much more efficiently keeping your floor lovely and warm.

  • UFH – the ultra-low tog value will work efficiently with your underfloor heating system.
  • Lifelong Supporter – the dense material can take heavy loads long-term and fully supporting your new floor.
  • Lightweight – SoundClick is certainly easy and safe to lift and handle thanks to its ultra-lightweight foam.

QA Essentials Underlays are designed for those wanting great value budget basics that still perform with dependable quality. QA SoundClick is an honest, no frills, budget click vinyl underlay.

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