Quick-Step Livyn Comfort Underlay


Price: £3.99 per m² excl. VAT

This product is sold 'by the metre' to give you the best price.




Quick-Step Livyn Comfort Underlay in more detail...

A Quick-Step underlay levels and helps to prevent small irregularities.

Use Quick-Step Livyn LVT Basic Underlay for all Livyn flooring installations.

It provides excellent acoustic insulation and reduces creaking noises when you walk across the floor.

Technical characteristics:.

  • High-class Polyurethane guarantees high and long-life resistance to static and dynamic pressure which is absolutely necessary to keep LVT-locking systems intact (insignificant loss in thickness under static load)..
  • Thickness: 1.0 mm

Transmission Sound
The sound that travels down through the floor and can be experienced as annoying by neighbours on the level below.

  • Result: DLw (dB) = 19 (on LIVYN 4.5mm Balance click)
  • Standard: ISO 140-08.

Thermal Resistance
Suitable for underfloor heating.

  • Result: R value = 0.02m²K/W.
  • Standard: EN 12664