Tile Effect Vinyl Flooring

Tile effect vinyl flooring is the use of vinyl flooring to resemble that of traditional tile in a vast selection of designs and colours.

over the years tile effect vinyl flooring has become more of the popular choice over traditional tile because of its cheap price, great design options, and waterproof properties! making it the perfect flooring for family bathrooms and kitchens.

Maison Concrete

The Camaro Flooring Collection by Polyflor’s features a range of interlocking planks and tiles that eliminate the need for adhesion due to their unique locking system, significantly reducing installation time.

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Dockyard Timber

To enhance the authenticity of the Camaro Loc collection, each of the wood and stone designs features beautifully recreated surface embosses and a micro bevel effect on all four sides of the planks and tiles, adding a subtle depth and detailing to the overall appearance of the floor once laid.

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Murlo combines light beige and cream tones to create a traditional, yet on-trend, marble effect. The warm highlights in the tile help to discreetly warm a space, creating the ideal base for any décor.

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