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About Amtico Click Smart

Amtico is a brand that exceeds all expectations in the realm of luxury vinyl flooring through many collections. The Click Smart collection from Amtico provides a mix of wood and stone effects that offers the best in style, versatility and self-installation ease. People choose the Amtico Click Smart collection because it has been manufactured using the latest technologies to make it a much stronger product than other click floorings on the market today.

Interior designers choose Click Smart for many reasons when asked to recommend a superior product with a long lifespan. By incorporating innovative ridge core properties, Click Smart is 100% waterproof and can be easily installed over existing hardwood flooring is required. On top of this, there are other benefits:

  • A huge 20db acoustic rating that reduces impact sound insulation and improves the level of comfort underfoot.
  • Click Smart is fully compatible with underfloor heating systems, leading to no rising boards with increased temperatures.
  • Easy click-locking mechanisms mean no need for adhesive use.


Amtico Click Smart is developed in-house by the specialist design team at the main factory based in Coventry. With the UK market specifically at the forefront of the collection’s impressive range, the Amtico team have also included this speciality range with the option of glue down LVT.

Having the flexibility to continue your design into other areas of the home is why Amtico Click Smart ranks highly among its predecessors, breaking out as one of the most recognised and excellent flooring choices on the market currently, adding a shine to Amtico’s over 50 years expertise and originality. With over 5 decades of delivering unequalled quality and innovative approaches towards the LVT marketplace, the Amtico ranges are recognised as industry-shaping and leading manufacturers of quality craftsmanship – highlighted in their envious selections currently on offer.


Amtico Click Smart is a range that spotlights durability, incorporating everything that could be needed from a click vinyl floor. Whether it is breathtaking aesthetics, reinforced wear and tear protection, vast ranges of colours and patterns and a 20-year guarantee that rests nicely on top of the great price you pay for Click Smart.

Amtico Click Smart


    • Amtico Click Smart Stone


      Product code: SB5S2789
    • Amtico Click Smart Stone


      Product code: SB5S2790
    • Amtico Click Smart Stone


      Product code: SB5S2791
    • Amtico Click Smart Stone


      Product code: SB5S2792
        Amtico  Click Smart Woods

      Nimbus Oak

      Product code: SB5W3075
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Crest Oak

      Product code: SB5W3076
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Voyage Oak

      Product code: SB5W3077
    • Click Smart Woods

      Porter Oak

      Product code: SB5W3078
    • Amtico Click Smart Stone

      Ceramic Ecru

      Product code: SB5S3592
    • Amtico Click Smart Stone

      Ceramic Frost

      Product code: SB5S6100
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Honey Oak

      Product code: SB5W2504
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Sun Bleached Oak

      Product code: SB5W2531
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Featured Oak

      Product code: SB5W2533
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Black Walnut

      Product code: SB5W2534
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Dry Cedar

      Product code: SB5W2535
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      White Ash

      Product code: SB5W2540
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Dusky Walnut

      Product code: SB5W2542
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Nordic Oak

      Product code: SB5W2550
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Chapel Oak

      Product code: SB5W3014
    • Amtico Click Smart Abstract


      Product code: SB5A4805
    • Amtico Click Smart Abstract

      Mirus Feather

      Product code: SB5A6120
    • Amtico Click Smart Abstract

      Metropolis Smoke

      Product code: SB5S2627
    • Amtico Click Smart Stone

      Linear Stone Shale

      Product code: SB5S3606
    • Amtico Click Smart Stone

      Bottocino Cream

      Product code: SB5S4599
    • Amtico Click Smart Stone

      Sift Stone Neutral

      Product code: SB5S6103
    • Amtico Click Smart Stone

      Slate Flint

      Product code: SB5S6104
    • Amtico Click Smart Stone

      Slate Jet

      Product code: SB5S6105
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Weathered Oak

      Product code: SB5W2524
    •    Amtico  Click Smart Woods

      Worn Ash

      Product code: SB5W2539
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      White Oak

      Product code: SB5W2548
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Linden Oak

      Product code: SB5W3010
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Treated Oak

      Product code: SB5W3011
    • Amtico Click Smart Woods

      Summer Oak

      Product code: SB5W3012

Click Smart Benefits

When you look to achieve the dream look for your home, you make a decision based on how long this product is going to last and how it will stand up to daily pressure. When it comes to ticking all of the relevant boxes, Amtico Click Smart has it covered.

Amtico Click Smart is about much more than giving the greatest visual representation for your home. Among the many benefits it provides:

  • LVT provides warmth underfoot that you do not get with flooring such as ceramic or stone.
  • LVT provides great insulation, making your flooring warmer to the touch and helping to reduce both energy and heating bills.
  • LVT has the very best wear resistance against everyday activities, backed up by a 20-year guarantee on all of their tiles.
  • Rigid technology means that your floor stays extremely simple to clean and maintain, whereas real hardwood and stone may show traces of grime and dirt stains over time. With Amtico Click Smart, a simple mop and bucket filled with warm water and Amtico cleaner provide a fresh look upwards of 25 years from now.
  • Water Resistance is at 100% – meaning that everyday splashes and spills on top of everyday wear and tear will not reach your subfloor. This is a huge bonus to homes with children and pets.

Amtico Click Prices

By definition, the Amtico Click Smart collection is a cut above the rest, which comes at a cost that provides both value for money and a product that showcases a home to perfection. Whether you choose to self install or use one of our many approved fitters with years of experience in laying Amtico products, you can be sure of a product that is a wise long term investment for your home.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you to create the home of your dreams !