how to fix vinyl flooring
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How Do I Fix Vinyl Flooring?


Luxury vinyl flooring is an incredible investment for your home, but it is not an indestructible one. There are always some instances that can happen against even the most durable product that tests its resolve. So, how to fix vinyl flooring.

The good news about that when it comes to vinyl flooring is that you don’t need to replace the entire floor, you can just fix the area in question. Whilst it is normal for the flooring to expect some wear and tear, immense amounts of exposure to moisture can result in the floor showing signs of bubbling up which leads to a weakening in its protective measures.


what causes vinyl flooring to buckle
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Why Does My Vinyl Floor Buckle?


Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring has no doubt been a fantastic investment to your home, doing away with the price of real hardwood flooring as well as the disadvantages that comes with it. But what causes vinyl flooring to buckle?

You may have saved money on the professional install too by doing it yourself in either click-together or glue-down. However, if you have not closely followed the install guide or sought advice on areas you were not sure about, you may see some problems starting to arise, especially if your floor has started to buckle.


vinyl flooring vs hardwood
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Why Vinyl Beats Hardwood Flooring


There are many advantages luxury wood effect vinyl flooring has over real hardwood flooring – enough to make vinyl a much more effective flooring solution in the long run. Within this article, we look at vinyl flooring vs hardwood and tell you why vinyl wins every time.

Among the biggest selling points is that, unlike real hardwood, vinyl is waterproof, less expensive and faster and easier to install than the very thing it perfectly imitates. It is so effective in areas that hardwood is not, that high-end residential markets opted towards vinyl due to its effectiveness in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, as well as being suitable for everywhere in the house.

It looks great, is easy to install by yourself and relatively easy to remove if you need remodelling of your home.


different styles of tile flooring
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The Best Impressions for Your Home


Home renovation continues to be the big thing for 2021, and online inspiration is key to finding the very best when it comes to your flooring selection. This can be from planks to different styles of tile flooring.

The good news is that there is a ton of diversity in your selections moving ahead this year, with many people coming to terms that their home has indeed become the sanctuary that deserves its slice of attention.

With vinyl flooring, everything from gorgeous grey planks to stone-look tiles, 2021 provides a must-have for vinyl’s great looks and stability. (more…)

how to prepare a floor for vinyl flooring
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Signs That Your Vinyl Flooring is Laid Incorrectly


No matter if you have had a professional fit the flooring or if you have given it a go yourself, knowing how to prepare a floor for vinyl flooring is essential. You want your luxury wood effect vinyl flooring to look amazing.

The appeal is that it looks flawless and stunning and is highly protected; however, even the most fabulous looking vinyl flooring can look awful if not installed properly. Small mistakes in vinyl floors stick out like a sore thumb and you want to avoid the most common mistakes to assure it is fitted right the first time.


vinyl click flooring installation instructions
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Avoid these Common Vinyl Installation Mistakes


People who buy luxury wood effect vinyl flooring and forgo the use and expense of a professional fitter may think things are pretty straightforward when it comes to putting it all in place, but that does not mean things cannot go dreadfully wrong at the same time even if you have read the vinyl click flooring installation instructions.

Coming into the project, you will have had to figure out the layout, figure out any obstacles that require cutting around and levelling your subfloor before laying anything in place. This is even before you discover the beginner mistakes that tend to always happen.


can you lay vinyl over tiles
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Is it Possible to Lay Vinyl Over Tiles?


Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is among the most natural, low-cost solutions to achieving an amazing look for your home. Its ability to mimic the look of the real material at a fraction of the cost has made it a top choice with leading interior design specialists, but many people who purchase vinyl flooring are left wondering ‘can you lay vinyl over tiles?’

One area that does get a lot of questions is its ability to be installed over any existing flooring. This question is posed to many providers of lowest price Amtico flooring as well as other name brands.

Happily, the answer is yes, although some extra measures will need to be put in place prior, such as the case for laying on top of ceramic tile or porcelain requiring the spread of a levelling compound or laying plywood or hardboard to fully flatten the floor first.


Find out how to install glue down luxury vinyl plank flooring with this handy guide from Floorbay. We sell quality vinyl flooring at discount prices...
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How to Install Glue Down Vinyl Flooring


If you are the type of person who fancies themselves as the DIY King or Queen of your castle, then no doubt you revert to the domain of Google to help when it comes to how to install glue down luxury vinyl plank flooring you have chosen.

You want to save a penny but not take a pounding on your vinyl flooring installation, especially on your patience if you take a step wrong. With that in mind, your friends at Floorbay are here to help via this guide or by talking with our team if you have any questions.


installing vinyl click flooring
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Fitting Click Vinyl Flooring Tiles


When you decide on luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, you may think that the easiest part is choosing either the glue down or click together option for installing vinyl click flooring.

The good news is that either of these methods is easy to install if you love the DIY mentality of your home. If you choose to undergo the installation yourself and spare yourself the professional fitter cost, there are some comparisons to look over prior to the decision.

The benefits of glue down LVT is that it is a cheaper option than click LVT. It requires a level subfloor and is a more time-consuming process to fit. However, you can use feature strips to create borders around the tile. With Click LVT, you are looking at a more expensive product (mainly due to the manufacturing cost) and the tiles are thicker, however, you do not require glue and it is a much simpler process to install.


can i install vinyl flooring myself
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Installing Your Vinyl Flooring as the DIY Project


As the Easter holidays end, the kids return to school and that sun now starts to provide a welcome return of warmth. It stands to reason that you are having those little urges to make some changes. If you’ve recently been browsing for a new flooring but want to make big savings, you may be wondering “can I install vinyl flooring myself?”.

The Spring clean is one thing, but we are feeling the full change in visual comfort for the home. Obviously, the big urge is to swap that drab carpet for something fresh, and luxury wood effect vinyl flooring no doubt has topped the shake-up list – a good choice also.

Now if you still feel a tad wary of letting anyone into the home after a year, that is understandable. You may want to undertake the challenge yourself and thankfully it is not as hard as you may believe.