Polyflor (people often spell it as Polyfloor) started life as a heavy duty vinyl flooring manufacturer and were for many years probably the leading commercial and industrial luxury vinyl tiles flooring experts and producers in the world, before sharing their expertise with the home flooring market.

What this means is that they have for decades produced high quality flooring for high footfall shops and buildings, providing flooring that is not only beautiful and pleasing to look at, but also that is incredibly hard wearing and possibly the most durable vinyl flooring that you can buy.

As you can imagine, with Polyflor having produced flooring that is designed to withstand literally thousands of times the wear and tear that your home floor will ever see – with Polyflor flooring you know that your floor is going to last for a great many years and look as good then as it does when you lay it.

And with their commercial manufacturing processes it’s also incredibly affordable compared to other “big brand” names.

The new domestic Polyflor designs offer a huge collection of incredibly authentic wood, stone, slate, metallic and abstract patterns and are available in either plank or tile formats.

Polyflor flooring features very realistic surface textures along with polyurethane reinforcement, making it ideal for residential and commercial sectors, whether you want it to enhance your home, your business or your shop.

Polyflor is available in standard and slip resistant formats as well, making it one of the highest quality and yet lowest cost flooring options.

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Showing 1–200 of 265 results